“If You Could Spend 60 MInutes With Someone Who Has Made Millions In Business What Would You Ask Them?”

"If You Could Spend 60 MInutes With Someone Who Has Made Millions In Business What Would You Ask Them?"

Question #1

I asked this question on my Facebook page yesterday and had so many amazing replies come in it got me to thinking how I could better serve all of you. 

We are so blessed to have 300,000 people who regularly read our content through our client base… it humbles me to know that we are able to influence all of you, in some small way, for good. With that in mind the thought came to me to spend the summer answering YOUR questions!

Rather than doing a "Massive Cross Country Tour" where you and I both have to leave our home (BLAH!)…… I could answer your questions (and you can send me more!) and we can create A Real Change together!

So….. here's how we'll do this.

Some of the questions asked have answers readily available in my book, on free audios I've done, in previous blog posts and other places where I've done the work and given the step by step information that was asked. There will be times when my blog post will be brief, and I'll just direct straight to that answer. Other times, I'm going to give my best reply with the details you need to take your next step.

You mean the world to me! If I can help you accomplish your goals, it will make me know I've done my part!

Come back often to read the answers I post. 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski


Josephine Debrah writes in:  "HOW do I know what product or service I should provide? How did you choose?"

Josephine great question….

and one that every business owner must ask themselves. My rule of thumb, after building multiple companies and running many businesses has always been the same- "What does the marketplace want that I am masterful at and know I can deliver?"  Now before you get discouraged and think you have nothing to offer, always remember that the ability to provide impeccable service with a product that is in HOT demand is a unique business plan waiting to happen.  When I built my very first company in the 1980's, it was a cleaning service.

I was a single Mommy living on $5000 per year. I HAD to make more money or we would not eat. WIC was not cutting it…. and I didn't want to live in a small tiny one room apartment anymore! So I found a need….that was directly tied to something I LOVED to do and was good at it. NOTE- just because you love something doesn't mean you can make a penny with it if you are not good at it. Masterful is the key.  

Local medical clinics and prompt care offices in my area were desperately in need of good cleaning people. I was an obsessive cleaner…. in other words, I LOVED to clean and was really really good at it. Every nook and cranny I would check over.

I researched and studied how to disinfect, clean, polish and more. Terrazzo, wood, glass, granite, you name it- I made it my NEW speciality.  In less than a month I had 4 jobs and was making $ 150 per week. That was $600 per month! In the 1980's!! And I LOVED my work! A teenaged girl came to watch my little guy at night and I'd clean. He would sleep and not miss me…. I was in bed by 1 am. It was a perfect plan.

My business plan consisted of the following:  

1.  Find the need- offices needed loyal and qualified help!  

2.  Am I good at it? Yes. I was masterful! Obsessed!

3.  Give great prices that allow me to still make a great income.  

4.  NEVER be late, do more than I was asked, have a smiley face every time I showed up and give more than any competitor could ever compete with- service with heart!  

5. Be loyal, faithful and be on task.  GIVE the customers what they wanted.  It worked for me.  

So….. ask yourself these questions and you'll be off to a fast start!!  

When I built my first online business, a kitchenware store…. I didn't create the product, multiple suppliers did. We offered the best in the world! With….. you guessed it… the same service plan you see above. It worked… to the tune of over $4.5 million in under 4 years. 

God bless you Josephine! 

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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