Why day trading can make you more money than a home business

For some of you when you read the title of this blog post it might upset you or discourage you if you’re the type of person who judges a book by it’s cover. Most of us are like this when we are skeptical about something. It’s easy for humans to not want to believe the truth about something when it sounds a little too good to be true. But believe me this is for real!  I want to ask you before reading this post to remove your negativity and allow yourself to be surprised.  I want you to ask ourselves “Why have I come in with an opinion and already concluded that this isn’t for me?” Assumptions like this can easily misguide us. So I ask please give this article and a chance because it could actually change your life and financial future forever!

Before we get started I would like to tell you a bit of my history in business. As an entrepreneur and business owner I have over 28 years of experience with building online and home businesses. In those years I have built eighteen corporations which have been greatly successful. Two of said corporations have made me over eight figures and the others over 6 figures each.

I currently have over 1 million members in total in our training programs since 2008.

Recently I took it upon myself to do a case study as I recently started day trading stocks and have seen a lot success with it. In my case study I was curious in 6 months how much money each of my companies made compared to my stocks. The results were quite surprising and I would like to share with you why I think day trading can make you more money than a home business!

Before we get started let me preface that all my case studies were done in my own businesses with my own clients. This information is my personal data. This data was not gathered through reading other peoples articles or other peoples case studies. This is my personal experience.


Business vs. Stocks


When most people get started in business they are shocked with all the things you actually need to run a successful online or home business. When I mention said business I’m talking about one that can make multiple six figures.

Let me explain a bit, In order to have a successful business you will need a product or service. If you don’t have a product or service you’re not in business, period.

Once you have a product or service you will need to market it. Contrary to what most beginning entrepreneurs or new business owners think, A product or service requires the same type of marketing.

In order market your business you will need a website. Sure you can use social media or a self replicating website but you will always need a place for people to connect to and pay for your product or service.

Some people may question this as they primarily run their business over their phone. Sure there possibility for telesales in business but if you ever wish to make multiple six figures you will need a website that connects to a shopping cart or merchant account for your point of sale. Even brick and mortar type businesses run their sales  primarily online with a merchant account that is connected to their point of sales system. Which then helps them handle their books financially. Some of you may not want to adapt to this but this is required if you want to reach your goals.

After you have a website and merchant account you will need a social media presence. This has become one of the most important tools for marketing your business in todays age. If you’re not on social media you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

With social media you can run advertisements for your business. Sure you can still run a business without ads but you have to do one of two things to succeed in business. You either have to out serve your competitor or out advertise your competitor. In an ideal world it is best to have both great service and great advertising. So I challenge you to have both!

In order to have great advisements you need graphics! This will likely require outsourcing. (Most of us aren’t profession graphics designers so don’t try to be) Professional graphics are a necessary expense for your business.

Once you are on social media and start creating a presence with ad’s you will need to have an email list! A lot of people think email lists are “old fashion” but the truth is people who don’t have an email list likely aren’t successful. I made my first million in business with just an email list, pay per click and a website. Every successful company has an email list.

Another necessary expense is an accountant. A lot people will start their business and take this upon themself. You cannot do your own accounting and still have time to do everything else you need to do to succeed.

Another thing to note is when dealing with business you have to deal with charge backs, refunds and fees. Every time someone purchases something from me there is a fee that my shopping cart takes out. Every time I refund a transaction there is a fee that my merchant account takes out.

Typically with a $27 product you’re LUCKY to even make $20 of that.

So with that being said business requires A LOT to be successful.

Now that I’ve touched on business let’s talk about trading stocks!

Trading can be a lot of fun. Instead of having to worry about all the things your business requires you’re dealing with other peoples companies. You can choose who you want to invest into or what company you want to become a part of. A lot of trading is doing your research on different companies beliefs and politics as these things greatly sway the market.

The funny thing is you can even invest into crap companies. When I say “crap” I mean not very profitable companies or companies that have huge influxes with their profits and loses. You can usually tell what kind of company you’re dealing with based on their charts. In regards to these “crap” companies me and my class call those the “throw up and die charts”.

When you look at those companies charts you just say “what the heck?!”

Some might be surprised to hear this but some companies that aren’t even profitable are still great investments and can make you a lot of money.

With that being said there is a lot of diversity with investing and you get to choose what you’re interested in.

Whenever someone joins my stocks academy I always suggest for them to research on things they’re interested in. The easiest stocks to trade are stocks that you care about! Say you’re interested in electric vehicles the first thing I’d tell you to do search everything you can find on Elon Musk. Read news articles, Find out what his newest investments are and what the press is saying about it all. This will really help you with predicting a stocks chart.

The stock market is really based on peoples opinions and beliefs because that is the main thing driving the stock market. Fear and greed drive the stocks market. You can use that to your advantage with trading because smart traders make logical and thought out trades not fear or greed based trades.

The market is defined by what a company is doing and how people feel about it. If it is negative the stock will likely drop or if it is positive the stock will rise. Simple as that!

There are obviously a few more useful tools to help you with trading but when understanding the basics this is a great place to start.

I would also highly suggest joining my stocks academy. Me and my assistant coach John meet every weekday morning at the bell to help you make smarter and more profitable trades. If you’re seriously considering making day trading your full time job or even part time this is a must!

I’m sure a lot of you are still skeptical about trading and you hear people say “Don’t invest into the stock market it’s gambling!” I found that very interesting because the amount of people and even christians who I’ve seen gamble on the potential of starting a home business and don’t succeed greatly outweighs the amount of people who succeed in the stock market. The stock market is not gambling. If you’re using it like it is you’re not investing with intention and you’ll rarely profit from your investments.

The idea that the stock marketing is gambling is a programmed belief by our society.

A lot of people may also say “The stock market has crashed”. Which is a complete lie. People are making millions on the market each day but the market does fluctuate up and down regularly but making wise investments is obviously the part you need to learn.

That is why we do our research before investing.

Most business owners know this all to well but profits go up and down in the same way as the stock market! It’s not any different.

Some of you who are new to starting a business might not understand this because you have only had experience with being an employee and when you’re in that position you’re shielded from all this information I have told you today. You’re usually protected from all that by your employer and that is why you have a paycheck.

Any business has their profitable seasons and their seasons of loss. This is a normal part of business. Ups and downs are NORMAL. The key is we must learn to predict these ups and downs in order to become profitable. For some of you when you start trading full time or part time you will want to learn every possible way to predict stocks. This is a lot of peoples first mistake. Stocks trading doesn’t require you to know EVERYTHING.

The best traders are those who just focus on a few things and get really good that those few things.

The same can be said for my business owners. Those who succeed only focus on a few things and become masters of those things.

This should be a principle that you apply to anything you do.

Trading stocks does require some skill and smarts but for

many of you, you actually already have the skill sets to become successful and you’re probably already using in your every day life. Turn this towards stocks and you could make a lot of money. Making money in stocks can be a lot easier than you think.


Consistency and commitment


The biggest way to become successful is with consistency and commitment, especially with trading. Those who succeed have a high level of consistency and commitment. This applies for both avenues of making money though, business and trading. If you want to succeed you have to have a schedule, a plan and goals for yourself. 

This is where the consistency comes in. A lot of you need to buy a planner TODAY and start creating consistency in your life.

A lot of people need to have patience with their business or trading as well. Neither avenue is a get rich quick scheme. Commitment sometimes looks like patience when things get tough.

For example I see people all the time join my groups for stocks or for business and say “Why am I not getting any results?” But they have only been apart of my training academies for a little over a week. Does anything in your life change or succeed after that amount of time?

Most of you need to create discipline in your life. Discipline is the biggest key to becoming profitable. That applies to more areas than just your business or stock trading. If you’re living a life that is not catering towards your success – Not getting enough sleep, not getting any exercise and not eating well how to you expect your mind to be able to operate at the level your business or your trading needs as well? Commit yourself to a schedule that is realistic that has room for the things your body needs as well.

In order to be success you also have to confront the beliefs that are holding you back. Many people will fail where their mindset is failing them. If you listen and believe all the negativity that your family and friends say about stocks trading or running a home business how do you expect to think any differently?

I remember constantly battling this when I started but when I was able focus in and not let the negativity affect me my trades and my business became more and more profitable. Some of your negative mindsets might even be tied to trauma and you don’t even know it! For those people I would suggest looking into therapy. I personally believe EMDR with parts work is the best type of therapy and me and my family have seen the biggest results with that. Once you overcome your negative mindsets you will feel a fog lift off of you. It is one of the most freeing and liberating feelings. I remember when I had a huge breakthrough with these things in my life I made my first big win of over 13K on just one trade. In that moment I realized how much my mindset had been controlling me and also that stocks trading could actually be a viable income for me and I believe the same for you!

Some of you just need to activate yourself. The things I have mentioned previously might be what’s holding you back in activating your success.

It will take time and patience to grow yourself in stocks trading but this is the same patience and consistency that is required in business. If you devote yourself to this you will see success.

Many people will even start trading and see growth in their business as well. The knowledge you will learn in trading is invaluable as a business owner.

Ideally doing both business and stocks is going to result in the most success and profits. But I want to challenge you. If you have been doing business for years and still haven’t seen the profit you were expecting, what if you tried trading for 6 months and devote the same amount of time that you would to your business but switch it to trading? You might be pleasantly surprised how much easier running your business will be.

So I challenge you, give trading a try! It might be the game changer your life needs!

If you’re interested in learning more about what I’ve mentioned in this article I would suggest checking out my podcast! I did an episode a few months ago about this exact topic here:



Do you want to become a better trader? Come join our Stocks, Trading & Crypto group. We meet every morning at the trading bell so that everyone can learn faster and more effectively. We’d love to have you join us!

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