The Five People Showing Up In Your Business

The Five People Showing Up In Your Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

In a day when ezines, free training, coaching programs, self-help courses and more run rampant on the internet, what is one to do who is really serious about building their business?

During the last 16 years of building businesses I’ve discovered a secret that I wish I knew years ago. The top 5 people I listen to the most are showing up in my life. When you look at your inbox today, for email, who is influencing you?

Face it, no one can read 47 ezines and newsletters. It’s not an exaggeration that in the information age, far too many people are subscribed to three times that amount.

A recipe for confusion, discouragement and procrastination is when you have so much information coming at you that it’s nearly impossible to digest it all. You’re left to delete, promises to get to it later and all the other things we do …. Other than the thing we should do. TAKING ACTION!

I challenge you to make a decision during the next 90 days to put some boundaries around your mind, your business and your life. During this 90 day period apply some of the following when it comes to your "In Box":

1. Only subscribe to Ezines and Newsletters that you know have a proven track record. Be careful, because you could have overlooked the most valuable one of all in an attempt to ‘read them all.’ Pick the top five and unsubscribe from everything else for 90 days.

2. Pay careful attention to how relevant in today’s business world the mentors you are following are. Are they marketing and selling the same ole methods? Direct sales is full of people selling concepts that were outgrown in the 90’s. Be careful. A social media driven culture DEMANDS we use social media- get off the phone and go where people are at!

3. Time is of the essence, so when you pick your top 5, decide to focus on these 5 for 90 days. PURGE the rest… FOCUS on these 5.. and PROSPER as you go! It works! Make a commitment to read everything these 5 send to you.

Take notes, highlight, write down key points and journal if you have to but do everything you can to absorb content from these five places during the next 90 days.

NOTE: If some of you were to treat the training you are getting like a high-level college course you'd get MORE out of what you're learning! Don't learn like a hobbyist… go AFTER your dreams and goals with the intent to succeed!

Here are some of MY personal committed to newsletters and updates:
1- Mashable- You'll find they are THE headquarters for everything social media.
2- Fast Company-I read their regular updates on the world's leading innovations in technology and more.
3- Steven Furtick- I like to read his blog, anything he puts on audio, video or in any form of media. He is a powerful world changer for this generation.
4- Kris Vallotton- He is a voice that I trust when it comes to looking into the future, knowing the Father heart of God and wondering what God says about money, wealth and our spiritual gifts. 
5- LifeHacker- Get your life back! Hack your way into productivity.
Now it's your turn!

90 days is the perfect time frame for something like this. Change a habit, break some bad ones, get yourself focused. What you’ll soon discover is that you learn more, grow in areas that have been lacking in and your retention will skyrocket! Learning + growing + retaining = MORE action!

Let’s all work on our focus. Focus will pay you a fortune.

WHO is showing up in your business everyday? Check your inbox for clues. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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