The State Of Your Mind Address And How To Prepare To Succeed

The State Of Your Mind Address And How To Prepare To Succeed

By: Sandi Krakowski

Heading back from Chicago this morning, I'm sitting in the back of a big limo. Now before you think I hire limos to drive me around everywhere (which by the way at some point in your income you might want to do occasionally as it's a fun write off and my gosh, we do need write offs!)….that's not the case. I don't drive them everywhere…. but anyways… I'm sitting here in the back of this enormous limo writing to you today. 

When I went to the Glazer Kennedy Super Conference #gkicsc11 this week I knew that it would be so helpful to just hire a driver. A beautiful black windowed sedan drove me into Chicago while I was in the back seat making a ton of money and having  a blast. It's a wonderful life! Today however when I expected them to pick me up in an equally beautiful sedan, they told me that they just bought this limo and had to take it back to Indiana this morning from Chicago. So I was the fortunate recipient of playing "Pink Haired Rockstar" for the day as I was driven back in this limo! 🙂

As we were driving along, I got to thinking what I might be able to share with you from this past week's happenings. Many of you have been following me on Twitter and Facebook and have seen many of the amazing things that happened.

First, there was the opening day with a house full of talent and wisdom from Bill Glazer, my personal mentor, to Dan Kennedy, who I plan on hiring this year to meet with for a day, and also Russell Brunson. Even with our own very large client base and a hugely successful business in place after just 12 months, I can honestly say I took ALOT away that you'll be seeing implemented here very shortly.

One big thing is the idea of a hard copy printed newsletter. We've been wanting to do this now for months and day #1 at Super Conference put me over the edge. Many of you will recall that my very first online company was built from an extension of an offline newsletter we were publishing. It was hugely successful. Adding a hard copy printed and mailed newsletter for our clients will be a great tool for their success library.

The "A Real Change For Your Business" Newsletter will be launching shortly!

Each month you'll receive not only great content, strategies and secrets for making more money and having the life you desire, but you'll also receive some info that we haven't been sharing regularly, such as "Raising Kids For Business" strategies pulling from my 20 years of homeschooling, "How To Build A Business And Stay Healthy" insights which come from my more than 25 years in natural health and more!  Stay tuned for that in the next 30-45 days! It's gonna be great!

Just a quick sneak peak of what you can expect- with a subscription to this newsletter at a minimal rate of only $ 39.95 per month we're also opening up the First Ever Never Once Suggested Or Included A Real Change Discount Plan for our products and events. Subscribers will receive a discounted rate on all products and events with their subscription! You are gonna LOVE this! Not to mention you'll have a hard copy of this millionaire content for your own personal library! I can't wait!

As the event moved forward, I had the privilege of learning from people like Michael Masterson, Joe Polish, Lenny Lieberman, and Kathy Ireland. 

I have to tell you that when Bill Glazer was showing some of my Email Samples to the audience as one of the best examples he's seen for Reactivating customers  (I was so humbled by his critique of my work and also INSPIRED to raise my copywriting rates!… but that's another article, why you should charge what your worth…. )

…..but get this, he introduced me as the woman who is so active and such an implementing machine that I have 218 children and 6749 businesses. Just to set the record straight, I have 3 children and 1 main business that you see here. I also write occasionally, very rarely, for very high end clients who need Social Media and Copywriting work. (You know the kind that already has a multi-million dollar business and they need someone who can take them higher). 

Many of you saw the "Mastermind Hot Seat Panel" . Three business owners brought their biggest sticking point in business to the panel. If you'd like to see this more than 1- hr session that could been sold for thousands of dollars, here it is. Heads up- it's at no charge currently. Look at it before they take it down! I highly recommend you watch it! No, wait…. let me be truthful here…. If you want to grow your list, increase your profits and work less hours, you MUST watch it! Here is it- click on the photo below.

Mastermind session with Mike Capuzzi, Scott Manning, Sandi Krakowski, Tom Karadza, and Ryan Deiss. 

As the event continued, the wisdom and expertise just continued to flow. I oftentimes wondered if people had ANY ideal how PROFOUNDLY rich this content was!
Moving on, into the third day of the event, there was another session with Dan Kennedy. Everyone knows Mr Dan Kennedy has a profound way with words. And anyone who knows me, or has heard me on our free Monday night calls knows that while I might have pink hair and makeup and heels, I'm a straight shooter when it comes to getting past the nonsense in people's heads and into the profit zone as quickly as possible.

Dan made a profound statement that I believe is a huge take away I can share with you.

He was talking about all the excuses and reasons that people give for not becoming a millionaire. It's the same excuses and reasons they use for not paying off debt, living a life of more self control, losing weight and any other goal worth pursuing. He went on to say that there is this ridiculous belief in humanity that it needs to be easy, come fast and that no work should be involved. Man, did he speak a mouthful!

He elaborated that ANYONE who is a millionaire and ANYONE who has a great fit body and anyone who is debt free and living the life they desire knows first hand it takes work, self control, getting past your crap and stepping up to the plate. Fact of the matter is, there is NO easy button in life and people need to stop believing the programming that has come from childhood that there is one. 

Then… he said it. It was one of those moments where my breath was taken away it was so profound. I grabbed my journal and began writing… I knew I had to write about it this morning. 

He said…..

"Most people aren't just failing by mistake or by accident, they've been preparing to fail for a long time."

How did that hit you?

Did you just get a revelation on how profound this statement is? Clear, concise and through the crud in our head in less than 2 seconds. That's Dan at his finest. 

Here's the important question I must ask you today. I'm gonna warn you ahead of time, some of you are going to get angry with me, some of you are going to love me more than you do already (thank you in advance!) and some of you are going to be completely stumped by this question and will wonder where the heck I'm going with this.

So here's the question:

Have you been preparing to succeed or have you been preparing to fail for the last 10 years?

Whether you realize it or not each and everyday that you live, each activity that you do or won't do, each thought that you receive or reject and the list goes on…. is being stored in the bank of your future. You are, whether you are planning to or not, preparing for one end- success or failure.

When you make a choice to do too many things at one time, you 'take on a new hobby' and you see yourself dropping the ball but refuse to acknowledge it, you're preparing for your future. When you step out of character, settle for less, get casual where you need to stay professional and where you give yourself an 'out' when you need to dig your feet deeper into the pool of hard work, you're preparing. 

Many of you know my story- built my first 7-figure business online before Google existed. I was a Major-Domo email user, which is what any online company back then had to use. While I had great success in several eCommerce businesses and was 'living' what I thought was the life of my dreams, my companies were being built with many failure equations involved, such as working 90 hours per week, using only a few forms of media and advertising and not hiring help. I got very sick, and in 2001 they didn't know if I'd make it.

Dreams gone, massive debt, fighting for my life.

The ingredients to my 'success equation' does not include great mentoring from my parents, as my mom spent a great portion of my childhood in and out of psychiatric wards. Add a gang rape in my 20's to the sum total of preparation, depression, suicidal thoughts, working hard to be what everyone else wanted me to be and everything adds up. I was preparing to fail.  

Then a radical shift happened in my life 7 years ago when God healed my body, restored my mind, gave me my passion back and you know what happened. The equation also shifted. The hours were cut to 30 per week, I got help in my businesses, worked hard in direct sales for a few years, paid off all our debt. Then moved into writing copy and had amazing clients I helped make millions of dollars for several years.  Then 12 months ago started A Real Change International with a dream and a vision of REALLY making a real change in people's lives.

The last 7 years have been spent preparing, adding and empowering the goal of success. The results have quite frankly been staggering! I'm learning by the habits I've established, I'm taking notes on my own life! To say that only my business has changed in the last 12 months would be forgetting that my life, power and courage to really step FULL ON into who I am and what I have to release in the earth is an even bigger picture!.

So, here's that question again.

Where are you?

I'm not interested in making you feel bad, slapping you around, telling you to "sit down and obey" like some Alpha-Entitlement-Driven coach. I'm passionate about seeing you personally prepare for and reach the life that you were not only dreaming about but were DESIGNED for.  

What your preparing for can be found by who you hang around, who your mentors are, if you're willing to grow to the next level, if you're humble enough to get help, if you're willing to take a risk and do what it takes. It means that even if you fall a few times, you don't have a swinging door to exit to you're never going to quit. The preparation you are making is clearly defined by what you're currently seeing show up.  

Truth be told, my life has enough excuses and reasons for not just me but all of us to fail! My own tragic story with trauma, pain and hardship has enough reasons for me to have given up and said, "Screw it" many times over! And don't believe for one minute it's easy NOW to live what I live! It takes a higher commitment, a stronger focus and a clear vision of what I'm doing, where I'm going and what I'm wiling to do and not do.

Even here at this event some interesting things occurred that challenged my commitment. I believe it was Resistance right in my face.

Very well meaning people with big hearts asking me to join their high level organizations or masterminds to spend time with them several meetings per year. People who are very successful asking me to partner with them and work with them on projects. My reply was the same nearly every time, "No thanks." 

I'm not saying I said, "No, that doesn't match up with and align with the focus I have for the next 12-24 months" to everyone, to more than 90% I did. I'm preparing for success.  

Nevertheless, there are some openings in my schedule for new projects and new connections. I've left on purpose, with a focused intent, time in my schedule to write for high level clients, to do social media work for those who can afford me and to be available to speak for companies that I am passionate about and believe in, like Glazer Kennedy. But not everything that looks 'good' is actually going to fit into the 'great' category of success.  

Maybe you don't realize that 10 'good' things don't add up to 'great' things. I challenge you to consider that while some speaking stages might be the best ones for you to step on at certain points in your life, not all are the right fit. And equally, I want to challenge and inspire the one who has sat in a pity party pool for far too long.  Take a good substantial look at what you're preparing for and whether or not you might want to change that.  

My friends, we're all preparing for something.

Life does not just happen.

Things will occur we never planned for but even those circumstances don't have to derail and ruin you if you're preparing for the right goal every single day.  

Can you do me a favor? I want to know what you're preparing for.

I'd love to hear if you're going to need to 'change' your plans. And more importantly, it is my desire to support you and help you get to where your destiny has designed. Come on over to my Facebook page and tell me right now what YOUR preparing for! Click here now to be taken to my Facebook page!


sandi best resolution1 150x150 Make The Thing They Want The Most Your Disclaimer: How to triple your sales online with a sneaky little trick that informercials use    Sandi Krakowski      is a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 100,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years.


Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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