The New Twitter Design And How To Use Your New Space Wisely

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The New Twitter Design And How To Use Your New Space Wisely

The ALL NEW Twitter design is very exciting for anyone with a business!  This prime real estate should be used with the best of care so that you look professional, people can learn about you quickly and don't forget this KEY to good marketing- so customers and clients want to come back again and again.

Remember these three tips for your large photo at the top:

INVITING- Use a photo that is inviting. Take the time to have someone create a nice image for you. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but get one done from from Fiverr.com or another website like ODesk or ELance. Put your best face and image forward, it will make a lasting impression!

WEBSITE- put your website on this space. Any endorsements, slogans or key 'relationship' items should also go here. Be sure it's less than 35% of the space however or you'll start to look pimpy and cheesy. We want PROFESSIONAL. 

COLORS- create a color theme and make sure you set your Twitter profile to match your graphics. In the setting section on your page you'll see colors you can edit to change your fonts and more. 

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This is fun! Your most favorited and retweeted post now appears prominantly with BIGGER FONTS!  This gives you instant real time feedback on what is working with connection and engagement. 

Pay attention every day to what shows up in this section on your new Twitter page. It's a great idea to PIN to the top some of your best tweets every day, rotate them, and you'll get even more engagement.

YES! Didn't you know? You can now PIN something to the top! It's a great feature! One of my favorite's on Facebook!

I also recommend you PIN to the top of your page, a few times per week, your opt in, or whatever your launching or promoting that week as an online special, event or even a special "Twitter Followers Only" coupon deal!

Have fun with your space!  Twitter is obviously looking more and more like Facebook everyday, which was a BIG blow to everyone who thought Facebook was disappearing or losing steam. When other major platforms start modeling the Grandfather of the all, Facebook, we know big things are standing strong and we should jump right in too!

If Twitter has overwhelmed you in the past and you really don't know where to start, I have an upcoming class where I'll teach you how to build a HUGE following, that is highly engaged, how to track your analytics and ROI and best part is this- it won't cost you any money with ads or other expenses! Get a seat now! 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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