Who Is Your Ideal Client?


Who Is Your Ideal Client

By: Sandi Krakowski

You feel the rush of the cool fall air blow thru the trees as you sit on the deck of your dream house, sipping freshly ground coffee with organic rich cream. Taking in thesights, sounds & smell of your dream, which has now become your reality, you wrestle between four topics for this week's newsletter.

Each is a great topic and each will meet a need for your target audience. But remembering all the comments on Facebook the week before steers you toward this week's focus. You begin writing…effortlessly.

Beating with the heart of your ideal client has made writing, marketing, growing and expanding your company a breeze. They move and live with you. Serving these customers is like second nature to you.

Or maybe not.

Do you wake up in the morning dreading what you never got done the night before? Weaving through stacks of unfinished notes you feel sick again and far from any form of inspiration?

Are you finding yourself getting jealous of the results that other people talk about on Facebook? Do you end up researching the day away with very little to show for your efforts?

If writing an email to your customer base of 509 people seems like more of a chore than even going to the dentist …… it could be that you have no clue who your ideal client is.

Would-be entrepreneurs often get excited about the possibility of growing a business, but later discover that excitement and dream boards don't pay the bills. Positive thinking isn't enough to keep the optimism and motivation high. Without knowing who it is you're serving it could become a case of self-induced torture if you're not careful.

So what can you do?

How do you find your ideal customer in the first place?

And honestly, why do so few Gurus ever discuss the topic?

Finding your ideal customer or client will be the fuel you need to create the best client list, write the perfect offer, come up with compelling prices and an irresistible message.

But who is YOUR ideal client?

Your first step is a search on Google. For example, if you are a business that offers a specialized product for saving money at the grocery story and cutting coupons, you'll want to find out where people are who currently use coupons and savings tips.

Be SURE to do a Twitter search! (Most overlooked tool!)  Watch what real time conversations are going on regarding your niche and expertise. Get VERY familiar with the current leaders in this niche and review their blog, sales letters, newsletters and more. 

Research your topics, clients, customers and anything you can find. Find the problem people are frustrated by and fix it! Find your biggest competitors and become one of their customers. 

Then onto more research about your ideal prospect-

What are the demographics – age, gender, income, marital status, location.

What are the psychographics – motivations, core emotions, frustrations, dreams, goal.

Guesswork doesn't work here.

You must read the data. Just because you 'think you know' your ideal prospect because you believe in your product or service doesn't mean you actually do. Take the time to do the research. More than 75% or more of your marketing success will be tied to this data.

By knowing this critical information you won't feel like you're aiming into the air and hoping something sticks.  You can speak directly to your client, as if you were enjoying a cup of coffee over a cafe table on the lake. Effortlessly. 

If you're marketing a weight loss or fitness product it's not likely you'll make millions by marketing to "anyone who wants to lose weight". With a net that wide you'll generate a ton of 'cold leads' before you 'build a client list'. Sure, you'll get some sales but you could also waste a lot of time and money. Rather, market to a group of people who want to lose weight.

What do women in their child bearing years look for or crave when wanting to lose weight? This steers your writing quickly in the right direction.

As you serve these women who are losing weight rapidly with your program, "invite" them to make it a "team effort" with someone they love. Bring their spouse, boyfriend or maybe even a relative. This is one of the fastest ways to double the sales of your products, increase results and get even longer lasting weight loss as an ultimate goal. The more people gathered together moving towards a goal that you can create, the less likely you'll have fallout. It's a beautiful thing.

Do you know who your ideal client is?

My favorite keyword research tool is "iSpionage". Take the time to order the monthly version. You don't need to keep paying month after month. Do your research, print out and save all of your data and be on your way.  Be sure to check back every quarter ( or sooner) to see where the market is going.

Remember as well that some of your biggest competitors could be your best JV partners. If your ego is in the right place and you want to serve people with excellence, creating a joint venture relationship with a competitor could propel you forward very quickly. But be sure you've done your homework. Know the customer they serve (and you hope to acquire) or you won't be taken seriously.

Finding your ideal client and their core buying emotion is Copywriting 101. Without this, your chances at success are about as good as the lottery. Sadly, it will be more painful.

HOWEVER…  if you find out who you're serving, you'll enter a 'zone' that makes it very easy to write, acquire, serve and keep a harvest of results. Take the time to build your business on this critical foundation and your efforts will compound.

I've developed a system to help you not only FIND your ideal client, but to 'tune in' every single day to where they are at and learn to "read their mind."  I'd love to give you my best selling book today for free. No stings.  Download your copy of "Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business" NOW!   https://www.arealchange.com 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski










Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski is an ‘out of every box’ author and speaker, top social media influencer, thought leader, and culture creator. Her specialty is in faith at work, empowering women, and creating culture and marketing for brands.

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