#29- Jeff and Tessa Mahaffey- Gym Owners Who Are Changing The Fitness World

Jeff and Tessa Mahaffey face an incredible battle with the closing of gyms during the pandemic. Not only were they going to lose their dream…. but hundreds of business owners income, ability to have a home and food on the table was on the line. Listen as they share their decision to stay open despite […]

#25 – The Prophetic In Business And 2020

 Shawn Bolz is one of Sandi’s favorite prophets because he is relatable, not churchy and hears from heaven in a way that is very unique. His ministry has led him into Hollywood boardrooms, Hugh Hefner’s mansion, prayer rooms, churches all over the world and into places a lot of people will never have access to. […]

#24 – Staying Sane While Homeschooling And Working At Home

Sandi shares her 20+ years as a home educating mom who also built several multi-million dollar businesses from her home. Topics include: Time management, setting schedules, working wtih the wiggle, finding your child’s strengths, why you don’t need to know everything and more. Send Sandi feedback and your thoughts via Instagram: @sandikrakowski Sandi Krakowsk’s Inner […]

#23 – Small Business Rights During Pandemic Shut Downs

In today’s episode Sandi is sharing from her 26 years in business. Highlights include small business rights, how to properly run your business, knowing what you need to fight for and how to maintain your rights in a time when government agencies are seeking to shut small businesses down.

#19 – Baked Bros THC Infused Gummies and CMO Nadeem Al-Hassan

Learn about the development stages of having an award winning product, starting a cannabis based business and growing yourself as your business grows. This conversation was done in Sandi’s home office and the video can be found on YouTube. Nadeems IG: @unitatis https://bakedbros.com/ Medical marijuana provider

#18 – Cannabis And Christians

Topics include why cannabis should be ok for everyone, common misinformation that creates unnecessary guilt with Christians and more. THC, CBD and even the microdosing of other ‘psychoactive’ medications is discussed and examined for the Christian. Sandi’s website: www.arealchange.com/inner-circle Sandi’s IG Page: @sandikrakowski

#17 – Carbs, Fat Loss, Women’s Health AND More With Holly Baxter

She is a two time world level champion fitness model in the Natural Universe and Natural Olympia competitions (2015) and recently achieved pro status with the WBFF. Despite her strong athletic background, Holly has always placed a heavy emphasis on academia and lifelong learning having earned a bachelors in Food Science and a Masters in […]

#15 – Layne Norton And Fat Loss – Myth Vs Truth

Listen as he helps us to sort thru the truth and nonsense in the ‘fat loss’ world. Topics include Paleo, Keto, No Sugar, High Carb and other diets. Carbon Diet Coach: http://www.joincarbon.com / Books: https://biolaynestore.com/collections/accessories / Website: http://www.biolayne.com / Nutrition Courses That I Teach: https://cleanhealth.edu.au/product/science-of-nutrition / Sponsor: Dry Farm Wines: http://www.dryfarmwines.com/arealchange