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15 hours ago

Sandi Krakowski

Life is so good. Thanks Jesus! ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Life is so good. Thanks Jesus! ❤️

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Amen. Praying for blessings in a job. Waiting for poppa to make a way.

Love you Lord!

God Bless. Amen

Thank you Jesus🙏

Love this pic! Gorgeous gal!! 🥰

Beautiful 😍 ❤

God bless you

This is beautiful pic of you!

Great photo!

What happened to the morning and night text messages. Miss seeing those

Loooovvveee the new hair! ❤️

Love the hair







Pretty lady



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15 hours ago

Sandi Krakowski

Need your input!!!! 🙏🏼💪🏼🍑 ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes! I started down this path this year but would love your strategies!

Yes! 💗. Because I have so much knowledge and information at my fingertips.... but my fingertips always make the wrong choices too often. Therefore my input is greater than my output. Simple maths right 🤪. Why is it so hard❓

I started following you after your bone broth video, need exercise plan for at home , I caretaker my mother, I have no equipment, just the desire to work out! 🙏🏼💯💓

Sure! I know I need to eat better. And it's great to see your super self. ♡

Yes please! I workout everyday and eat mostly “healthy” but know that I haven’t really figured out the nutrition side.

Absolutely would love to hear about your tips and secrets about your regimen!

Yes yes yes Like an everyday regime of what you are eating .. photo journal 🤗

Yes pretty please!!!!! Ur awesome ur very inspiring I always look forward seeing ur post threw out the day

Yes yes and more yes. Would like to know. Would be so helpful. Thank you so very much.

YES PLEASE!! My daughter just went thru a year of intense cancer treatment for the last year. I also am dealing with an autoimmune disorder. It's been a rough couple years! We started walking and doing some laps in the pool. I do have an old bow flex and some free weights. Just don't know where to begin and I know you've dealt with health issues also and you're looking pretty amazing! How did you start with your health issues?

Please I’ve have struggled all my life with my weight life.

Yes, I would want to know. “ what works for you , won’t work for another” let’s hear it.😄

Yes please....I will pay you to help me w my eating and workout lifestyle....I’m in pretty good shape now, good muscle tone but need to bulk up and maintain

Yes please. I would love for you to share your workout how you got started and what keeps you going

Yes! Always like livable tips about staying alive and getting ripped! 👍

I'd love to know about your workout - do you do much stretching? Thank you!

Yes I would love you sharing your thoughts on diet, food and exercise as I have just joined a gym and am eating healthier I love listening to your journey.

Yes please! I’m always ready for more education!!

Yes !!!! You look Amazing!!! Would love to know what you are doing ?

I will love to know my weight is up these days and I can't maintain

I need all the fitness motivation! If I can actually see something be done I can do it. I like to see the how and why, so bring it on sister!

Yes please! How to fire up the metabolism. Full hysterectomy has me lost now. Can’t eat the way I used too.

Seems to me, that yes, is a grand answer 😁 & thank you in advance😁

Yes please ! Changes are needed ❤️

Absolutely would love some of your tips for your everyday regimen!!

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22 hours ago

Sandi Krakowski

SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I'm calling back some of the leads for my CBD business opportunity and people are like, " OOOO MMMMM GGGGGG it's actually Sandi Krakowski?!?!?" Heeheeheee and I get to say, "Why yes it is!" I almost feel like Oprah!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 ... See MoreSee Less

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Sandi, call me I have questions 😉

That’s awesome! I’d be fangirling big time, too! 😊

You are the most famous person I’ve ever talked to on the phone besides Santa Clause😁💕 I felt the love!🥰

Call me anytime Sandi! 🤣😂 I think you are pretty impressive-better then that Oprah lady!!

How exciting! I am all in, as soon as I scrape together the initial cost. Very anxious to try the product! I am already sold on CBD oil! I want to try the topicals, and pet products for our senior doggies!

Sandi's the new Oprah 😂 but even bigger and better and goin further AMEN!!!! 🦄🦄🦄

🙌 You are a celebrity! The brand you are marketing, Hempworx, works! This particular CBD helped me get off of 5 medications. I was on the bathroom floor crying and my husband didn’t know what to do. He started looking into CBD and it was a game changer! I’ve recommended it to people going through the same withdrawals. Keep educating!!!

Oh my goodness, I so would love a phone call from you. You are a true Leader!

And, I love Oprah too!

You get a phone call, and I get a phone call, and everyone gets a phone call, I hope♥️

Love it!

I need information on this please!

That is just plain awesome! ❤️

I have questions 😉

You left me a message. I couldn’t answer . I couldn’t believe it was actually you too😉

Girl you wayyyyy higher in my books than Oprah 🥰

Sandi, call me. I just want to chat with you, girl. 😆

What an honor to be called by you

At least I’ll get to say it’s Sandi! 😂 😂 😂

Royalty 🤗

Very curious about the business!

More info pls and thanks!

Better than Oprah!! 🥳😍

You’re even better 😻

I would like to know more about cbd business

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1 day ago

Sandi Krakowski

I speak life, prosperity and abundance over you and your life! 🙏🏼❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

I speak life, prosperity and abundance over you and your life! 🙏🏼❤️

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I receive declare I have overflow blessed in abundance

Amen I agree with you Sandy Krakowski and I claim and believe and receive this powerful word from God in the name of Jesus.

I receive prosperity and abundance in my life. Thank you Lord I will stay humble and and be grateful in all that I receive. I will also pay it forward for others to be blessed. Amen

Amen, I Touch, Agree And Receive The Blessing Of This Prayer. Amen🙏🏿🙏🏿

Yes & Amen, I right now RECEIVE overflow, abudance and prosperity IN JESUS NAME!!!

Amen I receive abundance in all ways!🙏

Amen. I recieve and declare overflow, more than enough.

I am overwhelmed with the abundance of gifts in my life. Sandi, you are one of them.

I recieve it now in Jesus mighty name. AMEN AND AMEN

I recieve you declaration and speak prosperity into my life and my families life.

Amen!! I receive all blessings 🙏🙏 much needed at this very moment.God I thank you.

Hallelujah be to God. I declare this over my life.

I receive in Jesus might name, thank you my Lord, amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen

Thank you Lord Jesus for today and everything you have done for me. I receive this day and proclaim my blessing today and every day. In Jesus name Amen Amen Amen! Hallelujah!

Amen & I receive prosperity & abundance! Thank you Lord & I am so grateful for everything you have already Blessed us with.

Thank You Yahawhe!! I am grateful for your Provision!! AmeN!! Amazing Grace!!

Thank you. And prosperity and abundance for you as well. I don't need much. Just a job.

Amen thank you god

I receive your blessings Father in the name of Jesus let them overflow abundantly,!

I receive it in the mighty and holy name of Jesus I bind the spirit of poverty

I receive this and proclaim abundance over my LIFE! All in Jesus name! ❤

Amen - I claim this!

Yes, I rebuke the spirit of "I am broke" over my life, my kids lives my grandkids and their kids lives, in Jesus mighty name Thank you God Amen HALLELUJAH

I recieve this for my family and I in Jesus Holy Precious Name Amen!

Amen I receive it and forever grateful

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1 day ago

Sandi Krakowski

Well hello there baby abs! 55 years young and sculpting my body everyday! 🦄💪🏼 ... See MoreSee Less

Well hello there baby abs! 55 years young and sculpting my body everyday! 🦄💪🏼

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Lord please bless me with a body like this in my 50's!! Lookin good girlfriend!!

That looks damm good Any issues with perimenopause I work out Issues with middle Tough But going at it

You inspire me on so many levels!!

Looks good

Beautiful I'm working on my body as well trying to tighten of my skin I'm 56

You look amazing

I am amazed

You are an Awesome person 💜💜💜

Smoke another joint and plank away 😆

Go giirrrrrrlllll 🔥

Look fantastic xx

You are my biggest cheerleader!!!! Looking fabulous 💜

Lookin great!


Oh god wish I could do that one day

You look fantastic. Keep up the brilliant work.xx

Trying to get there

My biggest inspiration

My day one was today

Beautiful 🏋️‍♀️🦵💪💞

Wow 👀

Awesome ❤️❤️😘😘


Looking better than ever!!!

I just love her. I want to be Sandy when I grow up lol

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