#29- Jeff and Tessa Mahaffey- Gym Owners Who Are Changing The Fitness World

Jeff and Tessa Mahaffey face an incredible battle with the closing of gyms during the pandemic. Not only were they going to lose their dream…. but hundreds of business owners income, ability to have a home and food on the table was on the line. Listen as they share their decision to stay open despite […]

#23 – Small Business Rights During Pandemic Shut Downs

In today’s episode Sandi is sharing from her 26 years in business. Highlights include small business rights, how to properly run your business, knowing what you need to fight for and how to maintain your rights in a time when government agencies are seeking to shut small businesses down.

#22 – Rapper Finds God In Dark Places

From addictions, to hitting rock bottom and almost dying from meth usage, to a radical change in his identity and complete recovery his story inspires and gives hope. Listen as Sandi and Happy share together the challenge of finding our truest self in some of the darkest places. You can find Happy on InstaGram at: […]