Injustice In The Workplace All In The Name Of Ministry

by Sandi Krakowski on September 27, 2014

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I encountered a business owner today who has extremely hard working & faithful employees! When I began to speak to these men I discovered they work till midnight some nights & pull 70-90 hr weeks, most times without overtime or even payment for these extra hours. They are worked to sheer exhaustion all in the name of ‘ministry’.  Sadly, their boss thinks this is acceptable because he runs a ‘business ministry’.

I was APPALLED & I’ll tell you right now, I’m an ordained Apostle called to abolish this kind of injustice & dishonor! Let it be known that GOD HIMSELF honors the $8 an hr employee & the multibillion dollar business owner. God gives wisdom & grace to some who will be powerful leaders. There are others who are called to be powerful employees. While responsibility and stewarding may be different and the position of honor may be given to one in leadership, that does not give anyone the right to underpay, overwork and dishonor others.

Not only is it wrong, immoral and illegal to not pay employees for such extensive hard work, it dishonors GOD and heaven. Be very careful judging multibillionaire business owners who create jobs, build big corporations & make a big impact in the world. Just because they are an Inc or a S-Corp does NOT mean they are any less in ministry or working as unto the Lord.

Ministry is not defined by giving away your services for free, giving all of your profits into causes or paying your staff measly wages. Ministry is defined as WORK done unto the Lord. GOD honors excellence, hard work and justice. This was a severe injustice and one that nearly made me furious! I have devoted my life to the business calling GOD has anointed, called and positioned me for. I am not a ministry. I’m not a 501 or a 501c3.

I am an incorporated S corporation and a business owner who LOVES JESUS. There is no separation between the secular and the sacred in heaven and there should not be a separation in our workplace either. GOD honors the pastor and He honors the company owner. He honors the $8 per hour worker and the owner of a billion dollar company. But let it be known He is NOT honored by laziness in the workplace, people who steal, lie, return things 12 months after a sale, under cut or over inflate prices, or abuse employees.

I stand in the gap right now in Jesus Name and call forth justice in the earth and excellence to the marketplace! #BEMORE

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 

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