A Farming Industry Business Owner Using Facebook To Grow Their Business! You gotta see this

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Farming Industry On Facebook Pages

They DOUBLED their engagement and INCREASED their organic and paid likes by using “non-traditional” methods for their industry!

Every single week my client care team gets emails and questions on our Facebook page regarding our products, masterminds and the services we offer. In the top three list of questions we hear is the concern that Facebook might not be relevant or viable for ‘their unique business.’ 

You’ve heard me say it over and over again- there are very few, if any, businesses that can’t use Facebook to increase their exposure, attract more clients and close more sales. When Karen wrote me the other day about the business they are in and how our Inner Circle mastermind has changed everything for them, I knew I had to show you guys this story!

Excuse me…. they are in the FARMING industry. It’s not every day that you hear of people growing their business online, let alone through social media, in this industry. Typically the farming industry is built on word of mouth, local advertising, trusted repeat business and other tried-and-true traditional methods. But Karen and her husband did not have a big cash-budget to grow their brand they knew there had to be a better way.

She jumped into my Inner Circle mastermind and she got to work.

I LOVE where she says she not only watched videos every day, but she IMPLEMENTED what she is learning. She didn’t just keep learning and doing nothing (which really locks the brain into lazy mode and will make you very confused). She was active, moving forward and doing what she was learning.

Confession time: I’ve NEVER marketed a business in this industry. I’m very aware of what it takes as we used to live right next to a large community of farmers and Amish people. But taking this kind of industry into social media is not something we have first hand experience in. But that didn’t matter, because people are people and if you have relationship with them, connect right where they are at, and serve them better than the next guy, you WILL increase engagement and you WILL increase your sales.

It’s the same way in a brick and mortar. If you’re not willing to serve, you will starve. Plain and simple. If you don’t take the time to look your perspective customers in the eyes, hear what they are saying, have an honest and authentic conversation with them about what matters to them, they will NOT pay you money for what you offer and they most likely will say things like, “I’m just looking, thanks” and end of paying your competitor down the street who is kind and interested in them!

It’s no different online.

Karen is on her way to really tapping into the money stream that exists on Facebook for small business owners. It didn’t take her months and months and thousands of dollars, just some good ole fashioned sweat and learning equity.

Where are YOU today in your business? If what you’re doing currently isn’t working, isn’t it time you tried something new that is proven to work for people who are serious about their business?

You can be the ‘host or hostess with the mostest’ on Facebook and make a huge impact in your industry, have fun doing it, attract a ton of customers and make more money, while you sleep. I’ll show you how in my Inner Circle mastermind AND you’ll get a chance to meet Karen!

If you’d like access to over 70+ classes that I’ve done in the last 7 years, need more one on one consulting and want to meet in my offices every 6 weeks with a group of powerful business owners to take your business to even a higher level, join my VIP Inner Circle program (doors close next week!!)

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 

Sandi Krakowski

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small business training

Do You REALLY Have To Work 90 Hours Per Week To Succeed In Business?

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THOUGHTs for you today on mentors: Some mentors make people feel bad, or guilty for not working 24/7, 90 hours per week. For many many years a ‘stronghold’ belief was creating in the business world that you can prove how powerful and rich you are by how many hours you work. Not only is this faulty, but it’s ego and based on idolatry.
GOD can empower you to DO MORE in less time and to ACCOMPLISH things you’ve never done before because you are WILLING to work hard, work excellently, work diligently and then you will obediently UNPLUG. Family is important, rest is important, personal time and self care are important. When we neglect these things, or get them out of balance, EVERYTHING is out of balance.

For example, you can’t neglect your small or home business because of family and expect it to grow. YOU ALSO can’t neglect your family because of your business and expect your relationships to grow. We must take care of BOTH things. We must have healthy boundaries. Learn to say no to some extra-curricular activities. You DO NOT have to be at every meeting at church. You don’t have to do everything that people say you would be good at. You also don’t have to do everything now!

There are seasons in life. There is a time for harvest and there is a time for caring for our harvest.

Some people could work diligently on their home business just 7-10 hours per week or in the evenings and build a legacy in under 5 years. We don’t have to do things overnight. Have a few trusted people who can speak into your life and help you to get sharper and do better. That’s my desire! I want to be THAT VOICE in the wilderness for you, if you’ll let me. 🙂

DO NOT go it alone. It’s a very deceptive road to do things alone. Be faithful. Be diligent. Give it your all. Remember self care, family, relationships, rest. The STRONG person is the one who endures, the one who sustains through the seasons and challenges in life. NOT the one who works 120 hours per week and never sleeps. That’s actually a sign of insecurity and scarcity.

God has a way that is different than what most will teach, and with it, comes joy, rest, peace and happiness! Be blessed today my friends!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski


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Start Your Business This Summer

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 Have your business making money before the kids go back to school!

There’s NEVER Been A Better Time To Get SERIOUS About Your Business!


Let’s just cut to the chase. 

Summer time is a great time to build your business! Now that the kids are out of school, more people are online and it’s a GREAT time to get your social media and your website monetized! 

During the last 7 years it has been my absolute honor to help hundreds of thousands of small business owners succeed with our classes, mentorships, events and more.

Through all of these years there is ONE time I have found in the calendar year that seems to be the IDEAL time to really get serious about your business – the time in the summer between when the kids get out of school and the fall when the kids go back to school!!

For 7 DAYS ONLY, the follow BEST selling products that have literally made small business history online, are now between 50-75% off! Let’s do this together! I’ll meet you on the following video classes and help you, step by step, to succeed and create the life of your dreams!

All you’ll have to do is turn on the videos, grab a pen and paper and I will walk you through STEP BY STEP, everything you need to not only get your business going, but to get into the profit zone VERY QUICKLY!

90% of you should start with my Social Media Masters and my Facebook Ads 2.0 class. START THERE!

Sandi KrakowskiBy the end of 2016, this will be the year that you pay off debt, go on those vacations you’ve been putting off, give to causes you believe in and with these classes, it will happen faster than you ever thought was possible. 

Let’s get started this summer and finish out the year strong!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

P. S. This is our BIGGEST SALE ever, so there will be no retroactive pricing, extra discounts, shenanigans or anything else 😉 

The Sale Has Ended, However You Can Still Kickstart Your Business NOW With Classes Tailor-Made For Your Business Needs!


Sandi's Classes

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HOW To Stay Strong Even On Bedrest, When Injured, Or You Have To Take It Slow! How to COME BACK even stronger and more powerful! (My story)

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HOW To Stay Strong Even On Bedrest, When Injured, Or You Have To Take It Slow! How to COME BACK even stronger and more powerful! (My story)

Today is my first day back to the gym, working with my personal trainer with MAT: Muscle Activation Techniques, Massage and working out to make myself stronger! I’m so excited!

Earlier today I posted a photo of myself getting happy and motivated and people asked me HOW did I stay so lean, HOW did I stay on top of my game when things were crumbling around me! So I did a live Facebook video session sharing with you some of the things I did so that I could come back MORE powerful and stronger than I was before.

If you’re struggling, you aren’t where you want to be, things are dragging and you are feeling lost…. this is for YOU!

Watch the full video here:

With love,
Sandi Krakowski 

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How To Stay Strong

How To Stay Strong In The Difficult Seasons Of Life

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We all have difficult seasons in life. One of the keys to staying strong in our difficulty is not getting stuck. Realize, you won’t be here forever, and this isn’t the end of the story for your life.

But what can you do in the MIDST of the challenging situations, to stay strong and courageous? Here are a few tips.

  1. Give yourself grace. This is NOT the time to start a new lifestyle change, drastically alter things you’re doing, get a new job or relocate. This is a time to do self-care and support yourself. When you plan things, give yourself extra time to accomplish it. Take a little more time to get ready in the morning. Schedule in naps on the weekends. Even if you need to take a few personal days at work- support yourself. Don’t beat yourself up or become your own worst enemy.
  2. Reach higher. Studies have shown that people who are going through depression or a challenging situation have better recovery and a higher incidence of healing when they turn to spirituality for comfort, strength and even, wisdom. My readers know that I am an outspoken Christian and I love Jesus. But I also honor those who have different faiths who read my blog. The point is, when you are at your lowest, don’t go it alone. Reach higher. I personally reach up to heaven for strength I do not have on my own. It helps my focus, gives me strength to endure and renews my courage.
  3. Keep moving. This is not the time to get stuck. Keep moving. Keep going to work, keep showing up at the gym, keep your current commitments strong. Many days you might feel like you’re only operating at 25% of your normal capacity, but that 25% is a strong commitment and sure does beat quitting. When it comes to physical activity, your stress levels will be lower if you keep moving. You won’t lose it if you keep moving! (smile) Even when you don’t feel like doing it, overcome your feelings with a commitment to go the long haul. You’ll be proud of your accomplishment once you reach the other side of this season. Make it your personal goal to stay ‘in the game’ even though you might feel like you’re not the best participant. Just the fact that you didn’t quit will be something to celebrate when you cross the finish line. 

I hope that these tips help you through your difficult season in life. I’ve been through health challenges, relationship struggles, business successes and failures that required I keep a clear focus, give myself grace, reach higher and stay in the game. Not every trial is created equal. These three tips might be all that you can do. That’s ok. Just remember, we’re all unique and we all handle stress and strain differently. Be good to you.

You will NOT be shaken and you are stronger than you think!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski

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One of the EASIEST FASTEST ways to improve your health with bone broths! (For chronic pain, gut issues, even addictions!)

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One of the EASIEST FASTEST ways to improve your health with bone broths! (For chronic pain, gut issues, even addictions!)


WOW! Yesterday I hopped on my Facebook LIVE! video and did an impromptu broadcast as I was making bone broth. The response has been ridiculous!  This amazing broth can help you lose weight, end cellulite, helps addictions, improves sleep and more!

If you’ve never heard of bone broths, or are just curious what everyone is so excited about, join in the conversation NOW!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

PS. The recipe is in the comments on my FB page, and also photos of it cooking through the process. In case you missed it, here it is as well:

RECIPE IS BELOW! 🙂 Brasco Broth (with chicken feet but you can make it without)

Description: This recipe is referenced by the book “Restoring Your Digestive Health”.
Servings: 3 Quarts
Cooking Time: 12 to 24 Hours

NOTE: I do mine in the crockpot, so I just add enough water till it’s near the top. Leave room for expansion as things cook. I do it on HIGH for 4 hours, then low for 12-14 hrs.

3 Qts. Filtered Water
1 Tblsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
4-6 Tblsp. Coconut Oil
1 Medium Organic, Free-range or Kosher Whole Chicken, Cleaned and Cut into pieces (If you wish, you can substitute beef or another type of poultry for the chicken.)
2-4 Chicken Feet
8 Organic Carrots, Sliced
6 Stalks of Organic Celery, Sliced
2-4 Organic Zucchinis, Sliced
3 Medium-Sized Organic White or Yellow Onions, Peeled and Diced
4 Inches Ginger, Grated
5 Cloves Garlic, Peeled and Diced (Omit if you have upper GI problems or severe heartburn.)
2-4 Tblsp. Moist Himilayan Salt
1 Large Bunch Of Parsley

Preparation: Place the filtered water in a large stainless steel pot, add the structured water additive and apple cider vinegar, and let stand for 10 minutes. Add the oil, chicken, chicken feet, vegetables, ginger, garlic, and sea salt; and bring to a boil over high heat. Cooking: Let boil for 60 seconds, then lower the heat and simmer for 12 to 24 hours. About 30 minutes before removing soup from the heat, add the parsley. Remove the soup from the heat. Remove and discard the chicken feet. Remove the chicken meat from the bones; place the chicken meat back in the soup and discard the bones.Serving: Ladel into soup bowls and serve hot. For acute situations with high inflammation, allow the soup to cool, then puree it in batches in a high-powered blender or food processor. Some people with extremely severe conditions may want to discard the chicken and vegetables and consume only the broth.


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What Chewbacca Mom Taught Every Business Owner About Facebook

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If you’ve been on Facebook in the last week I’m sure you’ve seen the Chewbacca Mom – the lady with the mask from the Star Wars film and her contagious laughter.

So many people were amazed by the joy this lady had and how happy she was just being herself. Now, she’s been on TV interviews, got to go visit Facebook’s headquarters, and her profile has over 750,000 followers in just 1 week (from no where)! Woohoo! You go girl!


There’s a huge lesson that every business owner needs to take time – stop what they are doing and pay attention to – you ready?

This woman gained the publicity with 1 video on Facebook that takes people year’s to build – as well as thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to grow – in an instant – from her car.

How did this happen? How did she get so lucky?

It’s actually something very simple that we teach every single business owner who coaches with us.

The ones who pay attention to this one thing – see success in their business – and the ones who don’t – well they are still trying to “figure out” how to make social media and Facebook work.

The secret sauce:

She was unashamedly, unapologetically herself not trying to be anyone but herself and created a connection in an instant that you felt like you knew who she was by watching this video – and then connected with the joy in her heart that she had through a video in an instant that made you go “Wow, I want some of what she has”.

That’s it! Super simple – no algorithm – no special keywords – no SEO – just being herself, being real – and not being afraid to be the best version of herself she can be – even if she looked super silly doing it!

My charge to you:

Go out there today – make a video of yourself. Just be you, talk to people on your Facebook page (If you’re building a business you want to use a page). And keep doing videos. Take photos. Let people see YOU the real you. Don’t hide behind what you think a business owner should be on Facebook – or how you should look.

Another example of someone who did this and grew a huge following is our OWN Sandi Krakowski. Her Facebook page has over 1.2M people on it – and that’s all she does is be herself on there, and then periodically share a product that we have to offer for sell to help people in their business!

Those who pay attention to this one thing on their social media will see a difference right away – and those who try to over analyze it and come up with a reason or a formula won’t. You can’t make a formula for relationship and being yourself. People can tell what’s real and what’s not. Be yourself today and have fun doing it!!

Jeremy Krakowski

Media Director, A Real Change International, Inc.


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RELOCATING? Don’t Do It Until You Check These “Online Business” Necessities

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Copper wire connections in electrical box rolls of electrical diagrams and electric plug on construction drawing of house accessories for engineering work energy concept

RELOCATING? Don’t Do It Until You Check These “Online Business” Necessities

During the last 20+ years I’ve owned a successful online company. Most of these, I’ve run from my home. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually got an ‘office’ to go to and work with my team. The process of moving, whether across town, or across country, presents some very important concerns that you do NOT want to overlook as a small business owner.

While you are looking at room size, cost of utilities, distance to your favorite stores and more, it’s CRITICAL you take your ‘small business owner’ checklist to your real estate agent and let them know you don’t even want to look at a house until it passes the test.

The Small Business Owner’s Home Buying Checklist:

  1. Internet connection speed: This one seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised how many people I coach come to me with tears telling me the area they ‘just relocated’ to has horrible internet service. ASK questions! I personally would take my smartphone AND my laptop to a house if we were serious about buying it and I tested out the internet connection speed. It’s as simple as asking the current home owners if you can ‘test out’ their internet speed for your business. Then check the providers in the area and see who has the fastest speed with the best rate. Don’t guess…. TEST!  I had a client who built their ‘dream home’ on the side of a mountain. HER BUSINESS paid for it. WHOOOPPSSS… there was literally NO high speed internet. Dream down the drain! 🙁
  2. Building structure: This one isn’t as obvious. Imagine you find a great house and even test out the internet speed, but you later find out that the walls, poles and other structures in the home are PATHETIC for a wireless signal to transfer through. Remember: YOU run a business. This is not a hobby. If you can’t have your laptop, iPad and iPhone all connecting and running really well all at the same time, find a different house!
  3. Small business owners in the area: When I relocate, it’s important to me to know the ‘climate’ of the atmosphere I’m moving to. Doing my due diligence, I will find out from the local city offices how many small business owners happen to live and work in the area. (see my previous article on how crucial this is to YOUR success.) This is not the time or the place to become a pioneer. If you’re around a bunch of people who do not work at home, think small business is not legitimate, let alone online businesses, you’ll fight a spiritual battle that could destroy your efforts. Where I live now in Kansas City I am SURROUNDED by small business owners. As a matter of fact I spoke to a local police officer recently who said they even have a ‘policies’ guidelines list at their headquarters. Things such as parking, advertising, etc were such common questions they had a checklist for business owners. Check your atmosphere. It will spare a lot of headaches later.
  4. Taxes: This is another critical aspect for a small business owner. One area where we lived in Indiana literally taxed my small business equipment even after the purchase as a ‘business producer’. Sheesh…. I’m glad they couldn’t tax my brain! My phone, computer, monitors, etc were all taxed a secondary business tax because it was used to generate a profit. When we moved to the Kansas City area a simple move that was just 1 mile away took us outside the Missouri borders into the state of Kansas. Guess what Kansas doesn’t have? They have NO state business tax. That saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am thrilled to pour that BACK into my small business marketing budget.  WARNING: Did you know that Amazon won’t even let you do affiliate sales in multiple states? Do not take this for granted. Do your due diligence! 
  5. Safety: Again, this is pretty obvious, but just like I check the sex-offenders list when I relocated to a certain area, I ALSO check how many breakins involved a home business and said equipment. DO NOT GUESS. Test. Check your local area, online police reports are available. YOU DO NOT want to move to an area that has repeated breakins to small business owners, nor do you want to have to pay a higher premium on your small business insurance because of it.

These simple steps will make your relocation even more enjoyable. Take this checklist with you when you start getting ready to home shop. It will save time and so many headaches!

Happy relocation!


Sandi Krakowski


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What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

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Online Shoppers

What Makes A Social Media Campaign Work

The emails are pouring in and the phones are ringing. It’s been such an honor to have some large house hold names contact us to assist with their social media marketing and advertising. It also shows me that big brands are starting to really REALLY pay attention to what is going on through social media.

People are making their buying decisions by what they see on social media and what their friends say, period.  Research is being done there first. Opinions are being sought there first. If you, as a brand of any size, are not there, you are losing. Period.

I love digital media in ANY form! Video, audio, PPC ads, blog posts, social media and more! I’ve also done so many ad campaigns in my 18 years online my head starts to spin when I even attempt to add them all up.

So how can you use social media for your brand? The #1 question that comes in every single day is this:  What actually makes a social media campaign work?

Now assuming “Work” means it generates money, because that is what most brands want to do with their marketing efforts, our focus would be the end result. But I want to take you to a step where very few marketers ever go to, that if you do go there with me, that not only increases profits but it also causes a brand to be contagious, sticky and in plain English, the one everyone wants to connect with!

The first key is relationship.

We’ve talked about that so often many of you have finished my sentence as I said it. Ironically, very few people are doing it.

If thoughts pertaining to relationship run through your marketing mind like, “How often do I post? What do I have to say? When will I see the money?” I can already tell you’ll have problems. This is very similar to the young man who is going on his first date asking, “When can I hold her hand? Is a kiss ok on the first date? What should I say to make a girl feel good about me?”  When we’re solely focused on the END result and rush into relationships like this, don’t be surprised if ‘brand divorce’ is what happens! People don’t want to feel used or like they are a cheap commodity in your marketing campaign. It’s nothing new….. but it’s something all brands must understand!

Repeat after me- you cannot systematize relationship.

You can schedule some posts ahead of time, I do it everyday. You can make sure you have reminders set on your phone if you run your companies social media marketing so that you remember to check in often, I also do this. But for goodness sakes, can we open our heart first before we open another marketing manual? Caring, really caring, is what makes things ‘work’ through social media. Which leads me to my next point. If your brand has simply ‘thrown someone on your social media campaigns’ who isn’t doing much in house to test it out, don’t even bother! Take your profiles down now!

I’ve been testing some brands out lately. Going to their Facebook pages and Twitter profiles and sending simple messages like, “Hey XYZ Company, how are you guys doing today?” The replies I get are very revealing.

Here’s a list of replies from some major brands I tested on social media:

1. “Good, how are you?” – Wow that sounds about as common stance as “I’m doing fine, you?”  Social media demands more. How about a nice, “We are doing great and hope you are too FIRSTNAME!” Personal. That would be nice.

2. “Great how can I help you?” – No beating around the bush. It’s the friendly way of saying, “Do you need something because I’m busy.” No further comment needed.

3. NOTHING – Yes, there are multiple brands that I posted this to and NO ONE said anything. Nothing. Wow, if I was a high paying customer of this brand you can bet this made me feel so special I’m gonna just run to your store right now and spend a ton of money, more than I typically do! NOT!

4. “Doing awesome Sandi and we LOVE your pink hair!” – This one of course won my heart. It’s personal, it’s kind and they even noticed something about me. I also had some say, “Wow what a pleasure to speak to you. You’re an expert!” Not schmoozing, just kind and complimentary. Another one was ,”Doing great and it’s a pleasure to hear from you today, Sandi!”   Awesome! Made me feel wonderful and it made me want to spend money at their store!

For several years large and even small companies poo-poo’d the whole notion of using social media to build their brand. “It is confusing, takes too much time and what on earth do you say?” is what so many said. “What is the ROI?” is another biggy. The Almighty ROI- Return On Investment.  I dunno. What is the ROI on having a happy cashier VS one who is acting like she has had PMS for 9 years or a guy who acts like he’s so busy ‘what on earth do you need from me’ at your front door? Do we really need to think that through?

What else makes a social media campaign work? Consistency. Don’t be sporadic. Stop posting 9 times in a week because you’re having a promotion and then disappear. When big brands (and even small businesses) do this it shows you honestly don’t care at all. Oh, remember, when you post through social media, everything you write is being cataloged. As a paying customer I can go read your entire feed and see how often you post and what you write. I can see your habit of only writing about promotions. GOTCHA!

A social media campaign that ‘works’ is speaking in my language, not yours. If you keep talking to me like you do in the advertising agency board room I won’t hear you.

The words that run through my head all day long are drowning you out. As a paying customer, I talk to my friends all day long on social media and I rarely talk to people who don’t talk like me. I don’t even feel comfortable talking to people who don’t think like me. (This is the voice of the average consumer and not the thoughts of this writer)  What did you say? I can’t hear you unless you talk the way I do! You want to see how I talk and what is important to me? Well for goodness sakes I’m talking all day long on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon! Don’t you marketing genius’ have any time to watch me? Or are you so busy researching your demographic cycles of ROI that you forgot I even exist?

My friends, Sandi talking again, I’m being sarcastic but please admit, it’s real. It’s happening.

What makes a social media campaign work?

The same thing that makes any store shine in person. Let’s go back to 1950 when we polished our store floors, we made sure the place smelled fresh, we put on clean clothes, had a great haircut, did everything we could to have a smile, a winning attitude and we were genuinely interested in people. That’s it. Over and over again. Real deal.

This generation isn’t buying into the old school advertising agency nonsense anymore. They talk to their friends all day long and they pursue things to LIKE more than 4.6 BILLION times PER DAY on Facebook!

Learn to like them and they’ll like you back. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


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Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online?

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Where Should Most Of Your Activity Be In Your Business Online?

By: Sandi Krakowski

Starting a business can be challenging and exciting all in one, and for good measure, let’s throw in a little bit of overwhelming on the side.

Life itself has taught me many lessons that have helped me to create the results in business we have today. For example- learning to pace myself was something I learned in my bodybuilding career of my 20’s. No matter how badly I wanted to be powerful and ripped, I had to do the work. To beat my body in the gym seven days per week without rest actually would make me tiny, loose and flabby! Dense, striated, strong muscles are the sum results of consistently pressing past my fatigue into muscle failure combined with appropriate rest and recovery. Constant muscle fatigue is no way to live, in the same way constantly working on your business is not the way to be successful.

Motherhood taught me that right when I think I’ve got things all figured out and mastered, the game can change when you least expect it. Babies get sick, jobs relocate, change of plays happen, layoffs, new children enter the scene, crisis with relatives and oh my goodness, learning to have The Gumby Anointing was the way to survival of the fittest! (Surely you know who Gumby is, right? Just think “Mom Version Gumby”. )  

Cooking has taught me that sometimes your biggest flops will actually end up being your biggest successes if you’re willing to give it a ‘try’ and get some feedback. It also taught me that no matter how creative you think you want to get- there will always be some ingredients that were NEVER meant to be combined. EVER.

A very important lesson I’ve learned through my 20+ years of working online is that when all is said and done, there are typically only a few select activities that absolutely MUST be done on a daily basis to keep things moving ahead. It is also critical to know that putting these activities off, outsourcing them to incompetent people and frankly, thinking you’ll get to a place of success that you no longer need to do them is a big impoverished delusion.  

So… what activities should you, the business owner, never neglect, put aside or outsource?

The first and most critical activity to always be doing is marketing.

The biggest break thru that most business owners I meet need is to come to grips with the fact that they must redirect themselves from being the marketer for their business to the investor and marketer OF their business. Marketing your business is much different than being a solo-employee of your own company.

Marketing should be 80-90% of all that you do. Most of your activities should start and end with marketing. What I typically see is more than 50% of the people who are marketing only 10% of their time. Even though they work A LOT of hours in their business (and stare at their computer!) sadly, many are simply not doing the amount of marketing that a successful business demands.  

WHERE Most Small Business Owners WASTE Their Time And Rob Their Business:

Creating- This is someone who is constantly creating. Many are actually addicted to the creating phase. Just like the love and excitement we feel with a new baby or even a brand new puppy, many wanna be business owners love the creating process just as much. To be real honest, just like when babies start to get sick, grow up, puppies start to soil the house, this is the kind of person who will change business models, seek something else creative or even just give up. Over and over again from one excitement to the other they go. Rarely does even 20% of their creating ever become a product or service that is marketed for a profit.

Planning-The amount of people who have numerous ‘Maps” and “Business Plans’ in the glovebox of their business vehicle is startling!  With a false security of having it all together, getting all their ‘ducts in a row’ and having everything all lined up, they are deceived into thinking this secures them a successful business. Many have a map from Expert #1 who doesn’t even understand pricing and map from Guru #2 who is an affiliate junkie but doesn’t know a thing about information publishing. Then they have the map their sister wrote them in a night of brainstorming (although she’s never even built a business). Maps, maps and more plans and maps! This is the person who seeks a guidepost more than a takeoff. Sadly, very few ever put ‘gas in the car’ or even pull out of the driveway of their desired business dream! Their plans make them feel super smart and somewhat  secure but year after year they are still struggling financially. 

Masterminding- This is one of my personal pain points when it comes to leading people in business. The amount of people I see who are part of a group and a mastermind but never getting anywhere is somewhat of a mystery to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against masterminding! I RUN one of the most sought after masterminds in the small business community, but I do it VERY differently than most do. My clients get RESULTS, as well. But most masterminds are simply not helpful or profitable! What seems to be an outbreak worse than the swine flu is people who are a part of a group, alliance, society or mastermind that is run by people who have never made any money in business. Most aren’t making any money and are addicted to creating and planning and critiquing to feel like they are doing something in business! Here’s the key– the groups that are FREE and very low cost are always worthless!! Any online group in Facebook that offers FREE reviews, critiques, hot seats, masterminding and brainstorming- BEWARE- this is a sign that no one is really working or making money. They are coming up with a ton of ideas but at the end of the day NO ONE IS MARKETING a growing business! INVEST into a mastermind that is worth your time! We invite you to ours! 

Please don’t think I’m angry or upset, truth be told I feel like a Momma who is watching children go astray! Some of the decisions I see people make are absolutely heart breaking to watch! And while I wish I could prevent the foolish decision making. (Like someone who doubles their income and then thinks they no longer need any coaching or training)…..

That’s not my job. It’s not your job either.

People need the freedom to do what they want to do. Even sabotage themselves and fail if that is what they want to do. I’ve seen some of my most successful clients get full of themselves and go backwards because they thought they didn’t need to be around successful people anymore. It’s not my job to stop them. I pray and let them go. 

Your focus needs to be on where you are at.  A key component in any business is in knowing WHAT business we are in and then…… be about your business. PERIOD.

My friends, the way we pay down our debt, make more money, create jobs for others and increase the economy of not just our own life, but the lives around us, is to do a few key things- daily, monthly, yearly. Over and over again. 

Marketing your product or service 80-90% of the time is your key focus on the pathway to success.

There’s no way around it.  You need to be marketing! This doesn’t mean that all we ever write about is our product or our service. We don’t blast people on our Facebook walls with mention of our cosmetics, weight loss, greeting cards and natural facelifts every single day, over and over again, and in every single blog post, over and over again. The key to marketing successfully 90% of the time is not rooted in sell, sell, sell, sell!

DO NOT OVERLOOK These Key Steps To Growing Your Business AND Your Bank Account:

  • Have a relationship with your customers. You’ve heard me say it once, I’m going to say it again. It might not seem possible but having a genuine, caring relationship with just 1000 clients will get you father down the path to success than constantly pitching 100,000 people who have no relationship with you. Quality is the key.  Step by Step- in today’s economy connection is the currency you are after. 
  • Always seek fresh, new traffic, leads, followers and customers. Loyalty is a very real aspect of a successful business that is profiting for a long time. But a business that isn’t seeking out new customers, clients, visitors and sales is already dying. Build relationship with the new and keep the connection deep and alive with the current. That’s the key. I am ALWAYS 24/7 growing my client base by email and social media. We grow by a minimum of 20,000 new clients per MONTH.
  • Multiple platforms equals bigger results.  Here’s a list to give you a bigger picture of where to go to grow your brand. You don’t need to be using nor are you READY to be using all of these (unless you’re over the mid-six figure range) but you will want to find 5 things that you’ll start on NOW and build from there. Start out with these platforms and grow from there. Do not settle, do not shrink back and for heaven’s sake, don’t just ‘grow comfortable’ where you’re at or you might end up with a big surprise! Keep growing- moving- expanding.

Some marketing platforms that we use in our company to get our products and services into the marketplace-

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • InstaGram
  • Google organic traffic
  • Google PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • Newspaper ads
  • Guest speaking
  • Guest writing
  • CD’s 
  • DVD’s 
  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Mp3’s 
  • Tele-Classes
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Radio ads
  • Radio interview
  • Full paged magazine ads
  • Small mag ads
  • Post Cards
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Offline newsletter
  • Banner ads on other sites
  • Solo Email Campaigns to other people’s list
  • Co-Reg (Minimal)

and a few more we haven’t even mentioned.  

Pick five to start out with.

It takes time to grow a business, but the last time I checked, it takes time to grow a great healthy body. It takes time to grow a great family and relationships. It takes time to get your finances in health. Bottom line is most just won’t do the work. Most won’t eat right to heal their body, most won’t forgive bitterness and offenses and start to live in freedom. Most won’t do the uncomfortable and unpopular things and will continue to stay the same, day after day. 

BUT you.

YOU are not most. You are a Champion. 

You press forward between the gap that exists separating the life you live now and the unlived life you’re pressing to.

YOU are not a quitter. You are not a victim, in a delusion or believing a lie. YOU are created for more and you are doing more. You, my dear friends, through thick and thin, through your own personal hell some of you, are A Real Change in the earth.

It’s an honor to work with you! Now get to work! 🙂 

With love,


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