Birthing my book…. #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life

by Sandi Krakowski on September 1, 2014


Screen Shot 2014 08 31 at 8.03.30 AM 723x1024 Birthing my book.... #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life

Birthing my book…. #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life

A really good writer has been given a MESSAGE from God to release to the world. If we don't release it, we get this horrible case of stomach acid. Something is there that must come OUT! What makes an exceptional New York Times best selling book is a great write who can vomit on a page. Pour out everything they're carrying that is tearing up their insides. Release it ALL. Doesn't have to be coherent or even look good. But their job is to release it. Then a great literary agent connects the writer to an exceptional editor.

The editor then comes along and puts the pieces of this writers insides together. They come together with heart and soul. An excellent editor can feel the heart beat of the writer, they connect on a very deep soul level with the writer and they BIRTH the baby. The book, ie: the baby, comes together as a writer and an editor labor together. The 'vomit' becomes a beautiful work of art. Very very rarely can a writer do this alone. RARELY. The editor also typically isn't a writer. But the two together. That's what BIRTHS the project.

When I worked with my editor on my book coming out next month, it was grueling and exciting all at the same time. She formed my words, my bite sized words, my vomit, my heart and my soul that was on hundreds pages into a beautifully written book. When I held this book, I wept a cry from deep inside the core of my being because in my hands was my baby. I can't wait to release it to all of you next month!  

And because this experience was so profound for me and so personal, I HAD to share it with all of you. My literary agent wants to connect some of you with your editor. The one who will capture your heart and your soul, take all of your vomit and your words and your heart that is poured out in a big mess onto paper and make it a work of art for the world. My agent is going to do this at the CULTURE: 2014 live virtual summit!

If you're an author and you need an editor and your dream is ready to be birthed? REGISTER NOW for this social media, publishing and marketing event! 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski


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