3 Secrets To Facebook Ad Conversion No One Is Talking About

by Sandi Krakowski on October 3, 2015

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3 Secrets To Facebook Ad Conversion No One Is Talking About 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 250,000 small business owners during the last two years through my Facebook Ad classes, Facebook Marketing mentorships and more. The number one challenge they have is writing ads that convert

Let’s think this through. YOUR prospect is not on Facebook looking for something to buy. They’re watching cat videos, checking up on their friends, trying to tune something out around them so they grab their phone and look for something fun, interesting or controversial to connect with for a few minutes.

The average user on the Facebook platform is on their phone or other device for about 20 minutes. So you, the marketer and advertiser, have to grab their attention right in the middle of their cat video search, long enough to get them to click thru and then read your offer.

Most ‘newbies’ will put their offer so aggressively in the face of the reader the Facebook user will hide the ad, which means they right click on the upper right corner to make the ad go away. But what if you could write an ad that feels like their friend’s content, and flowed so smoothly that by the time they’re on your sales page they’re already sold. Rule #1 is- stop pitching me so hard. Tune it down a bit.

How To Write Ads That Convert On Facebook

1- Answer this question: “WHAT does the customer want?” They don’t want another meal replacement shake or food service delivered to their front door. But they DO want to put their jeans on and feel like a million bucks in the morning because everything fits! They do want to have great tasting meals after work without a lot of work or money! Write the ad to what the customer wants and NOT all about your product.

Here’s an example:

Rather than saying,

Best Tasting Meal Replacement Shake Surpasses Taste Tests 8-1
Best Tasting Meal Replacement
Shake Surpasses Taste Tests 8-1

Here’s what you SHOULD say: 

Grab Your Shake & Slip Into Your Jeans Easily In Under 30 days!
Grab Your Shake & Slip
Into Your Jeans Easily
In Under 30 days!

Do you see the difference in photos as well?  Remember:  WHAT does the customer want?!

2. Use photos they can relate to! As you can see in my example above the photo of the shake is old, overused and most people will ignore it. We’re sick of shakes and meal replacements, already! But our jeans are still too darned tight and we want to feel like the girl on the fence- carefree, not worried about our weight and happy! So use photos that make us feel this way. Think about the kind of photos that Facebook users respond to. They look for friends who look happy, are doing things they wish they could. They could care less about their friends 29th meal replacement shake they’re trying but will throw away next month!

3. Speak in the affirmative and quit asking me questions! If you’re selling car insurance don’t ask me if I’ve just wrecked my car like you can see below. Stop using cartoons to sell me! Here’s my rewrite:

Did You Wreck Your Car? We can help!
Did You Wreck Your Car?
We can help!

Think about all of the Superbowl Commercials this past year. The major insurance companies were pulling our heart strings because Daddy takes time to teach his daughter that she’s more important than any car loss. Or the scene with the parents reassuring the teen it’s going to be ok really hit home. 

THIS would be a better option:

She Owns The Future! Protect Her Every Step Of The Way
She Owns The Future!
Protect Her Every Step Of The Way                           

Your ideal prospect WANTS to spend money while they’re on Facebook. The data shows us how often people buy, when they buy and what they’re buying! (See my Facebook Ads 2.0 class under Audience Insights) YOU have to get in front of them, write ads they can relate to and that don’t feel like an ad!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


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