Want To Be A Better Writer? Here’s A Secret Tip!

by Sandi Krakowski on March 22, 2015



Want To Be A Better Writer? Here's A Secret Tip!

By: Sandi Krakowski

If you read, you know.

I was raised with this statement. Phonics, learning to write at a young age…. more the 'norm' than the exception some 40 years ago when I was in grade school. 

As I spent 24 years homeschooling my children, my priorities were the same. Teaching them to read, communicate and speak well was a major focus. Without these three skills it doesn't matter how brilliant you are in other areas of life, you'll struggle. Sadly, far too many people do.

Today, as an international coach, teacher and mentor to thousands of clients, people turn to me to help them become better writers and speakers. They also want to build effective and profitable businesses online. All of these paths can benefit from one very critical thing- writing.

Even if you're an aspiring speaker, I can make you a more POWERFUL communicator by teaching you how to journal, write and turn those written words into your speeches. No matter how timid and terrified growing communicators may be, it's truly amazing how they get very clear and powerful as they learn to 'write' what they'll speak.

Want a secret strategy that has paid me and my clients millions of dollars through the years?

Read to become a better writer. Read to become a better speaker!

I'm sure some of you have a pit in your stomach just thinking about it right now, "But I hate to read."  Let me help you break free, no matter how much you have struggled in the past.

One way to increase your desire for reading is to read things you enjoy. Doesn't really matter what it is initially, just read. Enjoy reading. Read anything you like! Just do it. I've taught all of my struggling readers at home and even some in our businesses to do this and it works every time. Start to associate pleasure and gain with reading, rather than pain. 

Then, start reading books that are directly related to your niche. This alone has made some extremely ambitious readers out of our clients! Students who previously didn't like reading, and associated pain to reading changed their belief when they began to read anything and everything about their own niche.

You must saturate your mind with the world your clients live in! (Write that down!) 

Go to the local book store at least one time per month and pick up magazines, periodicals, books and more that are devoted to the niche you are seeking to serve! Read their mind and close more sales!  Reading about your own niche will not only help you connect with your clients it will also cause you to want to read more! 

NOTE to self- don't get into a niche you don't like! That's what you do with a job, not a business.

Now I want you to make a commitment to reading every single day, every single week. Grab your smartphone or whatever else you measure your objectives on and make a plan to read at least one book per month. 

Quit comparing yourself with others! 

Just because I read 2-3 books per week doesn't mean you have to start there! As a matter of fact if you are comparing yourself with anyone, stop that now! It's a 100% guaranteed path to failure. So stop it! Set a realistic goal and then accomplish it.

One big key to getting done in your business what you need to get done is to be SMART with your objectives. 

Quit setting goals and targets that are way out of your reach. The way to successfully expand your reach is to hit the target on the head over and over again. This takes away a lot of undue stress and begins to make succeeding a habit. Then increase your effort a little bit every day, every week.

Start out by reading 5 pages per day. Then move ahead to 6 pages. In a week or two, increase that to 10. 

If you start to feel strained, then hold it. Hold 10 pages per day for a few weeks. When I teach my children this, I actually can get them to do more and more… not by forcing them but by changing, in small increments, what they do on a daily, weekly basis. HOLDING the line however is something that very few people teach or even think about.

Some of our highest paid clients have not lost sales or profits during very critical changes in their person lives because we mapped out a goal that was to be HELD. New baby? New house? Health challenges?

HOLD the line, it will protect you from falling back.

When things settle back down, increase again.  Things never settle down?

Then let me break this to you truthfully and gently- you need a coach. Life is always an up and down journey. It never gets easier. But learning to have realistic specific and measurable goals that you can climb with is a big key to success. If you're constantly overwhelmed and constantly can't keep up, there's a ROOT cause that has to be addressed. FIX it.

Learning to be a better writer and communicator happens naturally when you read more. You'll be amazedl at how your brain cells operate at a much higher level! If you begin to read really good marketing books, you'll begin to see billboards, ads, PPC content and more that is horrible without even trying. Your brain seeks to stay in congruency with what you are feeding it.

So…. what are you feeding it!?

TV? Talk show radio where people argue all day? Newspapers with gloom and doom? You get my drift. Your brain will seek to stay in congruency with what you feed it. CHANGE your brain diet now! 

Yes, if you read you know! And …. if you read, you'll write and communicate more effectively as well. What are you currently reading? Let me know! 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 




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