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My BRAND NEW Apparel Store Opened!! Today’s Mood!

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OH MY GOODNESS….. I could hardly wait to talk to all of you this morning. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I have a big thing to share with all of you that we are so so grateful for!

Yesterday, November 25th at 4:00 pm CST a dream came true that I’ve held in my heart for more than 15+ years!  I opened my brand new apparel company, Today’s Mood.  Clothing speaks when words can’t….. what’s Today’s Mood?

About six months ago my amazing Executive Assistant Abigail and I were dreaming. We began to talk about what I would love to do if I could open any kind of store possible. Jeremy and I were already finishing up the final touches of our Coffee Club, The Krak Haus Coffee (opens in January with first orders planned by early February). We FINALLY found the best growers, roasters, warehouse people and more (coffee takes a LONG time to do it right! PHEWEY!) ….. and we talked about how fun that will be to run, with 4 orders per year, our exclusive club. If you wanna know why I named it that, and what it means, go to my blog and search Krak Haus Coffee. With a name like Krakowski I’m the only one who could get away with that.. Heeheehee.. but Abigail and I kept dreaming. I love coffee and can’t wait to do that…… but it wasn’t my biggest dream. 

“But my REAL passion”, I said….. “would be to open a fashion store”.

Abigail’s face lit up. She looked at me and said with a sparkle in her eyes, “GET OUT! You’re kidding me!”  We began to talk and I soon found out that more than 8 years ago, Abigail also had the same dream! WHOA! The energy in the room shifted dramatically!

Now you have to understand this….. I am an entrepreneur, a visionary and a marketing expert. But fashion is something I LOVE, but am not an expert in. As a matter of fact, the RADICAL change in my attire, presentation and style is owed entirely to one beautiful woman: Miss Abigail Lucero. That’s a story you’ll soon hear about, and she’ll be offering some great fashion advice, tips and strategies through our new Today’s Mood blog….. but let me get back to my story. Just know this- I AM not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. But I AM an Angel Investor and I have some capital to invest into brilliant ideas and I have a FANTASTIC TEAM around me.

Abigail began to share with me her vision to really impact the fashion and beauty industry. Her dream was confirmed multiple times with prophetic words by people who don’t even know her. She has a dream to be famous in fashion WITHOUT being immoral, marketed with sex or by being sleazy. I TRULY believe if anyone can pull that off and single handedly shift an industry, ABIGAIL can do it. She will, you just watch her. So this conversation developed over the next few months, and we decided that she would RUN and MANAGE my apparel store!

I’m the celebrity face, big mouth marketer, Facebook ad expert, email marketing guru…. but the heart and soul of Today’s Mood is ALL Abigail. I CAN NOT wait to share her with all of you, introduce her to the world and let you all see what she’s been creating for the last few months. She is absolutely incredible and I have no doubt MAJOR STORES will be asking for her creations in no time. 

So….. the DREAM CAME TRUE yesterday and we opened up our page at 4pm and in 3 hours we hit our first milestone!  100 people organically on the page! WOOHOO!

We are SUPER excited about this!

Our GRAND OPENING, and first roll out of a few items and some special sales will begin THIS FRIDAY, November 29th!

I’m very excited to put into practice everything I know about eCommerce, marketing and creating a TSUNAMI EFFECT in a business, swarming a market by storm and creating massive growth. I’ll start my Facebook Ads with highly targeted followers on Friday as well, because I JUST KNOW many of you are wondering when I’ll do that. YAY!

We’d LOVE to have you come visit our Facebook page, and join in the celebration! Abigail has so many beautiful things to show you! AND it’s not just for the girls! We will have selections for the guys and littles too! It’s a FAMILY THING!

On Friday we’ll have 6 new designs available, 50 items total of each in a variety of sizes. That’s 300 items for sale which WILL GO FAST.  We know we’ll have tens of thousands of orders quickly in the next month or so, but we wanted to open our doors with an EXCLUSIVE limited supply of first offerings that will become COLLECTOR’s ITEMS when we make it to the magazines, store fronts and other dreams we’ve been praying into.

Please, come join us! Say hello and help us in celebrating this new birth! CLOTHING speaks when words can’t….. what’s Today’s Mood? 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski  & Abigail Lucero

BLACK WEDNESDAY- CYBER MONDAY 75% OFF SALE! Sale Runs November 25-30th, 2015

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BLACK WEDNESDAY – CYBER MONDAY SPECIALS! 75% OFF on some of our best selling classes!

Sale Runs November 25-30th, 2015

Happy Holidays from all of us here at A Real Change International, Inc! It is such an honor to serve you!  In the spirit of the holidays, and in an attempt to GIVE BACK to the small business owner, we are doing something we’ve NEVER done beforeSome of our TOP selling courses (including those we have in our private vault!) are now on special at a deep discounted 75% OFF!

Yes, you read that right!

I am SO excited to tell you that our ONCE per year Black Friday Specials have started today! We’ve really outdone ourselves this year by offering EVEN OUR VAULTED (no longer available!) products at a deep discount of 75% OFF! RIDICULOUS!

Here is a list of products with their purchase link:


12 Weeks Your Store:

If you have ever wondered HOW I built a $4.5 million kitchenware store, on this course I share all of my secrets for eCommerce! We have had over 300 students already give stories of being able to make money in a way they never dreamed was possible! 27 of our recent graduates have actually gone to 6-figures!

75% OFF



Info Publishing Sandi Krakowski

Info Publishing Made Simple:

Learn how I built a $20 MILLION DOLLAR empire marketing videos, eBooks, consulting and more ‘information’ products. On this 12 weeks course I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to learn from pricing, to selection of products, to marketing, social media, how to shoot videos and MORE!

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Social Media Masters:

My SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS MENTORSHIP is the #1 standard among the highest paid social media managers for building their own business. YOU CAN build a highly successful, very profitable business managing other people’s content. Let me walk you through every step to building your own incredible business.

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Twitter for Business

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Opt-In Offer Cash

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A very WISE thing to do is to get several classes and work on one each month to PROPEL your business and your profits forward! Share this with your team! Buy some great holiday gifts that make a BIG difference in someone’s life- invest into their future.

DISCOUNT PRICING will show up in your shopping cart! :)

PS….. so many of you asked, I actually just now put Facebook Ads 2.0 ALSO on special!!! $100 OFF thru 11/30. We believe in YOUR dreams and want to help as much as we can! CLICK HERE NOW to get this special price on the FB Ads 2.0 Class- 1 payment option !

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 

The sales end on 11/30. NO retroactive pricing, no extensions, no shenanigans, no nothing! 





Size Does Matter…. who do you think you’re kidding?

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Size Does Matter…. who do you think you’re kidding? 

You’ve probably heard all the funny comments from well meaning people, “Oh it’s no big deal, people will still love you.”

But I’m here to say that size DOES matter. Don’t let anyone fool you!

Oh my gosh….. get your head OUT of the gutter for a second! I’m talking about the size of your email list!   

Listen…. if you don’t have a big client list to market to regularly, you’re in deep weeds. In trouble. I hate to remind you- not gonna last!

But rest assured, one of the biggest breakthroughs my clients are able to get that takes them quickly to the six-figure zone is when they get their list to 5000 people.
5000 IS the magic number. 

5000 is what makes ‘trying to make money’ turn the corner into ‘money on demand.’
When you build a highly targeted email list it’s super easy to make money. Why? Because you already have people with a PROVEN track record of buying what you offer to market to. You don’t have to work so hard, don’t have to succumb to sleezy marketing methods and you will be SERVING, more than selling.
For example, if a specific group of women have already been proven to purchase 2-3 pairs of shoes per month in the $70 price range and YOU offer shoes that are $59, if you targeted these women, they would convert like “Pre-Programmed” robots. Their credit card data already shows they ARE going to buy shoes and you know that they ALREADY buy shoes like the ones you offer. SO…… you get 5000 of these women on your email list and you can make money anytime you want, while you sleep, with auto-mated campaigns.
Here’s your marketing funnel to get you started:
1. STEP Number One:  Create an ad with photos and copy that these clients already respond to on Facebook.
2. STEP Number Two: Do $10 (or more!) per day in ads to these people.
3. STEP Number Three:  Offer something for free that they already show they love (research magazines, marketing materials, other people’s social media content.
4. STEP Number Four: One time per week send out an email campaign to these new people who are going into your funnel.  
Let me show you where to get started RIGHT NOW with my “Facebook Pages For Direct Sales & Network Marketing” course. Even if you’re not in direct sales, the methods I use to generate your own leads work for ANY business model. THIS CLASS has already helped over 100,000 people who are following my system step by step. Build a highly targeted list and close more holiday sales!  
Generate YOUR OWN leads, build a BIG list and create the kind of money you want. EVERY single day!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
P.S. This course could help you as it has helped many of our clients to get 1500-2000 people on your client list in under 30 days. What are you waiting for…. let’s build a big list together generating our own leads! 

Let’s go!