How To Take Two Weeks Off Every 3 Months & Make More Money, Play More And Build A Bigger Business

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How To Take Two Weeks Off Every 3 Months & Make More Money, Play More And Build A Bigger Business

When people hear that this year I took 2 weeks off every 3 months, they are shocked. One very analytical client wrote, “Ok, how does this work? You’ll be off all appointments and coaching 3 full months this year?!”  I replied with a chuckle, “Yeah, isn’t it great?”

Today I want to share with you how to take more time off, make more money, play more, enjoy your life and build a big business all at the same time.  You can do it simply and you can do it now. 

First things first.

How do you feel when I say I am taking this much time off? Do you feel like that is good for others but it would never happen to you? Does your blood pressure rise? Do you feel anger or even jealousy? Oh come on now, be honest. I had ALL of those feelings in my past of building businesses. When someone told me 20 years ago that it would be a good plan to have at least 6 months of all expenses tucked away for an emergency the first thing that flew out of my mouth was, “Well I’d like to have just one week, thank you very much!” Can you relate? 

It would frustrate me when people said to take time off, rest more, relax and take good care of myself. I was STRIVING to build a big business and chasing my dream! For goodness sake I’ll sleep when I am dead! And sadly, dead I almost was. Crashed. Ready to kick it all in. Forget it. Give up, this is a pipe dream and to be very blatantly honestly, these words flew out of my mouth, 

“There is no way in hell I will EVER build a business, ever again.”

But God. WOW. God had a different plan and HE TAUGHT me how to rest, prosper and grow even when I’m NOT working.

Taking time off and really enjoying it takes much more than just a big bankroll. It takes a big belief. You have to first change your beliefs about time off and time on. Sadly, the corporate mindset has programmed so many people to ONLY enjoy time off and to resent time on that most people live for weekends. What a pathetic way to live. Sad. But let’s examine this statement for what it is.

Time off and time on is a corporate mentality that infers that we disconnect our personal lives from our business lives. This is the path of most people in a job. Even if they own their own business, many budding entrepreneurs are merely living their life like the business is their boss and they are the worst paid, most undervalued employee! It’s time that we begin to turn ourselves FULLY onto what God designed. You will never find in His plan of success a disengagement of our talents, gifts or abilities and you will NEVER find a plan of leading us away from family, fun and the things we enjoy. 

Hard work becomes an amazing pleasure when you are living the way you were designed to live.


People tell me every day they ‘Wish they could take time off’ or they ‘Sure do hope they can quit their job one day to live a life of freedom.’ This reveals a bigger problem then just a lack of real business understanding. It shows someone who doesn’t know who they are, what they want or what they should be doing in the world. 

When you come to a point where your greatest strength is showing up daily in business, your work will be a real pleasure and you won’t have to recover after a hard day’s effort and accomplishment! You’ll enjoy your time off and enjoy your days in the office and the disconnect will no longer occur. You will stop feeling guilty when you get brilliant marketing plans in the middle of a Sunday church service and you won’t feel like it is a horrific sin to have big dreams at night about building a huge multi-million dollar enterprise!

Learning to live free begins with learning to know what YOU want your life to look like. My life this year has 3 months off. It has 3 months where I can devour a ton of books, walk along beaches, sleep in, parasail in Maui, go snorkeling with turtles, buy dresses in high end boutiques and even get more than one Louis Vuitton handbag, paid with cash without any regret!  It includes giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the poor, investing my time, talent and abilities into hundreds of thousands of our clients lives and being FULLY ON when I step into my office, whenever I map that out to be. 

So, how do YOU get to take two weeks off and stay afloat and on task? Here are a few tips to get you started-

#1- Your beliefs about taking this time for yourself has to be a big priority.

You can’t keep putting yourself last. YOU my friend, are the biggest asset in your business. Take good care of you. Eat right, get enough sleep, take good supplements, keep a clean heart and steward YOU like it’s the biggest gift you’ve ever been given, because, truly it is.

Give yourself time to breathe. Give yourself time to live and stop, right now, letting others dictate what is best for you. I realize it can be a big change, I’ve been there…. at first you might feel like a drug addict looking for a vein when your entire life has been designed to please and pattern yourself after the expectations everyone else had of you, HOWEVER, I’m also here to say YOU CAN DO IT.  If I did, you can , too.

#2- Start small and give yourself time off now.

One of the most pathetic things I see people do is ‘shoot for something they can’t do and give up what they can do’. Don’t be that way. Start now, today, and schedule a 3-day weekend every 2 months. Tell your pulse to slow down and get over it. IT’S TIME. 

Schedule a 3-day weekend where you take Friday away from everything. Then spin it up a bit and take Monday off, with a Sat, Sun and Mon off! 

Get it on the schedule and pay strict attention to this, like you would a doctors appointment you can’t miss! If you don’t do this, you might end up with some doctors appointments and eventually you’ll have to do it anyways, so do it now.

Last year I took off 9 weeks during the year and it was one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever had in my life and business, personally. That didn’t happen however until I ‘increased my faith’ and took some 3-day weekends prior to a long 10 day vacation.

Do it now. 

#3- Be accountable to a coach. Listen, I’m not pitching myself to you. If you have someone you can work with and they are helping you get big results in your business AND your life, great! But if you don’t, you had better start taking this more seriously. You can’t keep making yourself accountable to a bunch of peers who aren’t doing what you want to do!

Put self-imposed constraints around yourself. This is how Olympic athletes, executives, aspiring writers, singers and anyone who has a goal that is beyond the norm gets the job done.

You can’t keep living your life like everyone else if you want to live a totally different life!

Schedule the time and make it something that can’t be changed. Your family will feel loved. Your spouse will be so excited! But more than even all of these amazing results you’ll gain, you will tell YOURSELF that you are valuable by getting someone to hold you accountable and then accomplish your goal.

Get a coach and be accountable with your actions. Stop trying to do things alone. And just a side tip…. stop working with coaches who work 24/7, are always available by phone, email, and any other connection you’d happen to have! Start working with people who have the kind of life you want! It makes a world of difference. 

#4- Get a grip on how you’re living your life now.

Time management is not the key, life design is the goal. There are hundreds of thousands of people I’ve personally met through our client base, our social media connections, live events and beyond who confess that they ‘have the latest planner’ and still feel completely out of control.

Remember, you have to associate enormous pleasure with getting your life back in control. Enormous pain should be what you attach to being all over the place and constantly feeling bad about how you feel. It all starts with a decision. 

Quit hanging out on free Facebook groups where everyone is talking about supporting everyone else and no one is going anywhere. Get a kitchen timer and “Hit the floor RUNNING” everyday, setting the timer to one full hour of full on hard work!”

Schedule breaks, be honest with yourself, write out that To Do list and do whatever it takes to get it DONE!

If you want to take two weeks off every 3 weeks it’s not going to happen because God drops a new life on top of the one you’re now struggling in like some wild “Wizard Of Oz” fantasy. It will happen because you planned it, you did what it takes to make it happen. You worked hard and put away some extra money so that you can take the time off and you did whatever it takes to live the life you are dreaming of.

We are so grateful to have a large community growing here at A Real Change International.

I’m so honored to be able to encourage you, work with you and make a big change in the world, all of us working together to make it a reality.  It’s time, my friends, it’s time. 2016 is the YEAR where the dreams you’ve been praying about are going to be MANIFEST before your very eyes.

Now go do what it takes to make it happen. I’ve given you clear step by step strategies that can get anyone off to the best start!

Ready.. set… GO! 🙂

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

P.S. If you currently lack the skill set to run a profitable and sustainable business, I just did something really radical in my Inner Circle Mastermind and Small Business Academy! I added at no additional cost 60+ full length classes. NO ONE can ever say, “I’ll take your classes when I have money Sandi” because I just made them available for free in my already ridiculous priced Inner Circle! Just $77 and you could CHANGE YOUR LIFE and take as much time off as you like. If you’re not an Inner Circle Member yet, what are you waiting for? The price goes up on October 1st, so don’t delay!

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The Pain We Never Planned In Our Little Girl Journals

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Sandi Krakowski

It’s 3:15 am.

I’ve actually been awake since 1 am.

My mind and body are still finding their way in my new life and schedule. Fell asleep into a hard sleep around 9 pm and woke up at 1am thinking it was already time to go to work.

My house is quiet. But it’s quiet during the day too, with all the kids grown and gone. But the silence now is more peaceful than it has ever been before. Newness. Presence. I’m never alone.

My divorce has been a nightmare.

For many years I did what all Christian women who believe in the sanctity of marriage do. I believed, prayed, submitted, got counseling, fasted, intercession, and cried out to God till my eyes nearly bled as much as my heart. The hardness of a heart can destroy one’s dreams. It makes words fly, hands raise, distance grow and eventually breaks the very covenant you committed to. I knew there were real problems by our first year. One day, I’ll write my book of how I stayed in that marriage for 23 years because my life long soul battle wouldn’t let me lose or quit on my dreams. Little did I know, not even God required that.

But it’s been hard. Not so much because of pain or sadness, no…I lived that out for the last 5-10 years. No, it’s hard because of how long it takes to get simple things done in a court of law. Dear God, our worst sides come out when they’re forced to face reality. Dragging along, it’s been almost a year now. Things will be final in just a few days. My sighs of relief are long and hard…… and I’m waking up in the middle of the night more often again.

It’s not the sleepless, stressful waking up kinda thing. It’s the kinda thing where I wake up at 2 am with a headline for a campaign for a client I can’t forget, or an idea for a sales page I am downloading from heaven or the idea to write a blog post about what’s really going on and truly allowing my writing gifts to grow again. Songs are flowing again. Words are coming and dreams are growing and the multi-colored visions in my mind are growing again! Praise GOD I’m waking up at 1 am, again!

It’s life. It’s freedom. There’s fire in my heart again and dreams in my eyes. 

Even this won’t hold me down. No, actually, it’s elevated me. It’s given me much wisdom and courage and ……. grace. To see into today and have hope for tomorrow, as I never have before.

We might not write about pain like the ones I’ve felt during the last 20 years in our little girl journals. But I find great peace and comfort knowing that the God of all comfort watches over me. He is the restorer of the years, the mender of our hearts, and the One who teaches us to dance in the midst of our storm. It is to Him that I run and find rest. Real rest.

Love you my friends,


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HOW To Start Your Own Coaching Practice To Replace Your Current Income & Open Doors! (no staff, travel or even a lot of overhead!)

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I’ve been coaching for over 17 years. But it wasn’t until I launched my first BIG coaching program in 2010 that sold out in 24 hours and wrote more than $450,000 into my bank account that I began to really understand WHAT it takes to not only run a successful coaching practice, but how to do build one that you can enjoy for a long time.

One-on-one coaching has always been what I thought was the“doorway” to a successful business. At least that’s what all the other gurus taught.

The biggest challenge that most coaches will encounter is this: Burnout.

They will hear from all the experts that as long as they have enough seats in their program sold they will always be wealthy. They map out their “My Biggest Successful Coaching Program Profit Map” and before you know it, the desire to impact people’s lives is overtaken by a desire to make money.

NOW we enter the nightmare.

The program is now designed by “How much money can I make” and not, “How can I impact people’s lives in a big way.”  Filling seats becomes the goal and getting a credit card from a client that goes through is what defines success. UGH.

Let me show you how to STOP selling your time and energy while building a hugely successful coaching program. YOU decide who to coach because they are qualified to work with you AND you are able to help them achieve success. No more low balling your prices and no more selling more seats than you have time to handle!

Register NOW!!!

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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

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Your Guarantee Is About More Than Money

By Sandi Krakowski

The first time. It’s a full gamut of emotions. You might judge yourself, check your copy, feel like you’ve failed or worse yet, be mad. Furious! You might even want to challenge the situation!  What am I talking about? The first time someone asks for their money back.

If the first place you look is your bottom line, I’m going to challenge that perspective today.

Reading through the archives of our newsletters it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we’re serious about our customers and passionate about what we do. 

A casual reading of our mission statement shows that our focus is always our customer. Delivering the best service, at the best prices, with the best guarantee. It’s a business plan with a long term focus and it’s rewarded us handsomely!

With less than a dozen returns each month, and thousands of sales, you might be shocked to find that we get very few money back requests. We get even less complaints and disappointment letters.  For today’s discussion, let me share with you five key factors that I believe hold our guarantee and our profits solid.

1-Mirror Your Mission

Our mission statement can be found here: A Real Change Mission. In this mission statement you can see that we align ourselves with the best in the marketplace, we seek to be the best in all that we do and we attract some of the best customers the world has to offer. 

When your return policy and guarantee on your offer is mirroring your mission statement it’s not hard to put things into place. Create a “Standard Operating Procedure” and have full confidence in it. 

If you mirror your mission statement you’ll remove entitlement, cutting corners and shoddy practices instantly. Sadly, we’ve all seen guarantees that don’t mirror a ‘so-called mission statement. Our data shows that this isn’t the case with A Real Change. 

Mirror your mission statement and you’ll have fewer refunds. 

2-Serve With Excellence

What is excellence? Well it certainly isn’t showing up in the government lately! But before you think I have any interest in having a political discussion, think again. Excellence is defined by Webster as: setting a high standard, known for being excellent. Related words are:  choiceness, distinction, excellency, first-rateness, greatness, perfection, preeminence, primeness, superbness, superiority, supremacy. 

Is your company known by it’s first-rateness? Are you known for being preeminent in the marketplace, set apart by greatness because of the way you treat people? If you are, you’ll have a supreme, known for it’s greatness, guarantee.

Sadly, the standard being set lately is ‘do what you can’ and hope it works. The philosophy of ‘getting by’ has nearly run over the standard of excellence so many of our leaders in the past deemed normal, not above the average.

A choice distinction will set you apart in the marketplace so highly that even if someone does ask for their money back or has to return something you won’t lose a customer or a referral. 

3-Ditch The Dough Heads

Be prepared, just because you live and act in excellence and serve others with a choice ability above the norm doesn’t mean you won’t have a few dough heads visit your establishment. Or in plain English, idiots still shop online. 

My normal mode of operation is to not get into heated debates, squabbles or even conversations with people who have no standards and make it their aim to infect their miserableness in the earth. You know, people who buy products, never even use them, ask for a refund 6 months later and think you should have pity on them? Yeah. That kind of person. Or the one who says they’ve ‘fallen on hard times’ and you should give them their money back 4 months later. Try that at Target. Whatever… 

They can show up on your website, flood your email, attend your classes and even pay for a plane ticket to your live events! But this doesn’t mean you have to roll over, play dead or even get defensive for one second. This is where you must shine and they must falter. How do you do that? Give them their money back. Give it fast, give it with a smile and a blessing and be on your way. Sometimes, you might want to remind them that what they’re attempting to do is against the law- it’s call fraud. Other times, just give them their bloody money back, wipe yourself off, and go make some more. 

In some rare cases, you may wish to give a referral to such dough heads, to your competitor. Because most likely they are from the same crowd. 

I’m very grateful that like breeds like and that these kind of interactions are very few and far between in my career. But let me add this snippet of wisdom, “Answer a fool according to his foolishness and you will be like him. (or her)!” So rise above, be excellent and go serve the rest of the millions who are not of such low degree.

4-Clobber Your Competitors

How you treat your customers could not only make or break your business but it could equally make or break the success of one of your competitors. 

If you spend any amount of time reading our materials you’ll soon find out that we don’t spend much time worrying about our competitors, knockoffs or copy cats. People can’t copy who you are, your heart and soul. But the truth of the matter is, there is a higher level of competition the higher you go.

My main motive in business is not to put someone else out to business, but it is to serve at such a level that we organically and naturally rise above and to the top.

One of the best ways to bring a healthy dose of competition to those who are in your niche is to serve with a guarantee, policy and heart that no one can touch. Be yourself, give from your heart, live from your core and you will, ladies and gentleman, clobber your competitors.

There’s no sword of war quite so sharp as being true to you. Your customers will love you, they will be loyal to your brand and they will recommend you to everyone they know. Give with your mission, your excellence and a guarantee that is flawless and you could be the inducer of insomnia to those watching on the sidelines. What  a sweet and ethical victory that will be. I’m sure you agree!

5-Blueprint Yourself And Your Sincerity On The Heart Of Those You Serve

Lastly, but definitely not least is the case of creating long term business relationships. 

Invest into yourself, your skill & who you are… and rise to the top of your niche! Rise with excellence and honor and YOU my friends will stimulate the economy in a way the Federal Reserve could never touch!

The things that make a strong economy are the same things that make strong relationships. In your marketing, your branding and more,  blueprint yourself, the sincerity of your message, the excellence in which you serve and the honor that you live in, on your customers heart. Your customers will follow you anywhere.

We used to live near a large Amish community. These are hard working people who build houses in groups in less than a week, work from 3 am- 10 pm without complaining and take very seriously the relationships they have with their customers.

One day as I went with my boys to a local farmer to get some fresh dairy products, I asked him what the most important key to his business was. I’ll close with his profoundly insightful words,

“Your customers are everything. Without them, there’s no one to drink your milk. The cows don’t amount to anything if there is no one to serve. We’ve built our business one family and one serving at a time.”

A falling economy won’t even matter to you if you apply these to your company policies and standards. Let’s rise above, serve with more and make a big impact in our world, with the work of our hands and the service of our businesses!  
With love,
Sandi Krakowski  

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The Biggest Decision Of My Life

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Personal Note From Sandi-

Many things have changed in the last ten months. Many of you have heard that I was walking out the hardest season of my life. Because you are not only our customers, but you’re like family, I wanted to give you all some updates.

At the end of last year, I made a decision to walk away from the shame, and the fear of what people might think if I took responsibility for my life. After years of praying, hiding, living in pain and sadness, I had to come to grips with the reality that my marriage was not as I had made it appear, and I filed for a divorce.

I’ve struggled for many years and this decision was not made hastily or taken lightly. I’m grateful for the wise counsel and love of spiritual fathers and mothers, and pastors in my life. Freedom is what Jesus fought for and I’m thankful for His wisdom and discernment in tough situations.

We ask that you please keep us in your prayers at this time. We choose to keep details private, and respectful and ask that you honor that. My sons and I are very grateful for your love to us. It’s been the hardest thing in my life to walk through, but this I do know: God will turn even this pain into something that brings Him glory.

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From single Mom living on $5k a year to building multi-million dollar businesses! Do I believe anyone can do this? The answer will SHOCK you!

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OMGoodness!!! WHO is that?!!!!

It’s me! When I was a single Mommy living on $5k a year and praying for a better life with my oldest son my sweet Jeremy!

Life has changed so much since then! But single mommies and daddies will forever hold a special place in my heart. God has blessed me so much and given me so much to share with the world.

People ask me all the time if I believe anyone can do what I did?

As a matter of fact, my answer was SO SHOCKING that when I did a video about it last night it went viral.

I’m not a ‘dream catcher’ or someone who chases fantasies.  I give the cold-hard facts of what it takes to succeed and WHY some people are going to fail. If you want to know if  you have what it takes and are willing to hear my ‘shocking’ advice, you can see the video here:

Where will YOU end up in life 20 years from now? You NEED to decide that now…. and some of you, with your inactivity and indecisiveness, already have.

Watch the video. It might be CPR just in time! 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

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Your BIG break!

Momentum And That “Big Break” For Your Small Business!

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You heard from that top client!

A celebrity tweeted back to you on Twitter!

Someone came into your store today and talked about how they could get your product into 50 other stores across the nation with very little work. 

Your BIG BREAK just happened and now what’s going to be important is keeping the momentum flowing and alive. 

Or is it?  I’ve been building companies for over 20 years now. That’s SUCCESSFUL multi-million dollar companies. Now just things I play around with online. Truth be told, I’ve NEVER EVER had one big break. As a matter of fact, when I was recently talking to someone who has a background of over 20 years in the television world, she and I were talking about how even getting ‘screen time’ on a popular show doesn’t promise or mean anything. It’s what happens before, during and after that needs to be focused on. Sadly, this is where most entrepreneurs don’t look.

Successful companies are not started, founded or sustained on one big break. They might get some much-needed exposure. Things might take a big leap and propel you forward for a short time, but growing and sustaining a business, month after month, year after year, happens with consistent focus on the activities that are in front of us, every single day. Not on ‘one big break’. 

Here are three tips to keep you in momentum (or get you there if you’re currently struggling!) 

1- Momentum is never created by just one big thing that happens in your company! One video, photo, post, or even a celebrity tweet isn’t going to make or break you. It’s what we do consistently every single day that builds momentum. What we do day in and day out, habitually and faithfully!

100,000 customers paying $97 is a LOT more than 100 customers paying $9700! $9 million vs $970k . So when a business consultant encourages you to build a high-end coaching practice and says it will be the ‘big break’ you’re looking for to bring financial security remember this equation. Better to have a LOT of people buying one small product every single day without much involvement from you than to give your time, and nearly all of your energy, to something real big. Sustaining wealth happens in small increments, not big breaks. 

2- Keep moving forward even when BIG exciting things happen! Even when a big breaks come, big happenings occur and big connections are taking place, keep your heart centered, your eyes focused and your attention on what you were doing.  Don’t be the business owner who flies all over the country because a big ‘influencer’ flatters you and then end up neglecting your current business. Chasing a big break could take you into bankruptcy if you don’t take care of what you’ve been building day in and day out. Grow! Take big leaps! Take a risk and fly, but don’t neglect what is right in front of you.  Stay focused, don’t lose all you’ve built because of one big blessing or occurrence. (That’s close to idolatry!)

3- WEALTH isn’t winning the lottery! It’s small incremental steps done repeatedly over and over again! Most people go bankrupt who win the lottery but when you build a business or grow your skill-set in your career, and you continue growing, moving, advancing your bank account will increase with everything else. Never get stagnant. Never settle. Wealth in your mind and heart will fuel what you do daily, so work on the impoverished beliefs you might have about work, money and people.

A BELIEF will make you broke faster than you can see what hit you. When I struggled with some poverty thoughts, even though I made millions of dollars, I didn’t keep any of it. When the beliefs were broken down, and I began to walk in truth, not only was it easier to make more money, it became much easier to keep it as well.

It’s awesome to get exposure on TV, radio, social media and other blogs, but always remember, big breaks rarely do for a business what good ole fashioned work ethic can accomplish.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Big Breaks In Your Small Business

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I Built My First $4 Million Dollar Business Without Any Marketing Training, Mentor Or Experience (You’ll be shocked at what I did!)

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I remember the dream that led to my very first business so vividly. It’s like it was just a few months ago. 20 years ago I hadvery little computer and Internet skills. I was 32 years old, my oldest son was just 8 years old, my babies were 1 and I was pregnant with my little guy. YES. I was pregnant with my youngest son when I first built my online business. Crazy! I know!

My marketing training was all self-taught and consisted of ‘studying’ how other website owners made their online storefront inviting, easy to go through and an enjoyable experience. I’d take note of colors, words that were used and not used, what was on the right and what was on the left of the page. How bold, red and yellow highlights were used or not used. Photos told a story, as we didn’t have video yet to bring you into our online storefront. So captions and headlines were very important, even more so than they are now!

I had just a few items when we started out:

– Kitchen mixers that were $249-999

– Blenders priced at $329-799

– Grainmills marketed for $219-449

– Mixer attachments

– Baking items that were very exclusive at the time and hard to find: vital gluten, dough enhancers, high-end yeast and more

– A few select cookbooks I’d never be without

My slogan was simple: “If it’s not in my kitchen, you won’t find it in my store.”

I did all the hard work of researching vendors, testing products and people trusted my recommendation. What I had that big online chains did not was a personal vested interest in each product, I was a stay at home mom who really used each item, and I was dealing with a lot of the same issues my customers were; budget, wanting high end items on one income in our home, etc.

My newsletter was professional but very personal. You felt as if you were in my kitchen, having a slice of my fresh, warm, home-made bread and coffee with me as you read along. YOU, my customer, we’re like family, and I took your purchase very seriously. It was our honor to win your business.

All of my companies have been built and run like this. I never studied a bunch of business trainers courses or strategies, I always obsessed and studied the PAYING CUSTOMERS, and the stores they bought from. I wonder if this is why I didn’t get confused by methods, best practices and strategies because I didn’t even know such things existed! I was only focusing on how to serve well and earn the sale.  As a matter of fact, when I did start studying a lot of people’s marketing trainings two things happened that were very confusing:

– I doubted my own success, even though by that time I’d made millions of dollars and had built 3 successful businesses that did more than $12 million in sales combined

– I got confused by so-called best practices and best ways of doing business. Because I never joined the ‘How To Build A Business’ culture, not knowing most of these things was the best thing and it is what separates me from the people who were constantly trying and searching for a ‘step by step’ plan.

What can you learn from this? Well, first of all, that it’s more important to know your customers and the stores they currently shop at than it is any best practice. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s important to spend a lot of time where your customers are and not comparing several business trainers systems. The bottom line is this: knowing what your customers want, what they’re already buying, how to be like the places they already shop at but in your own unique way will make you more money than memorizing the AIDA copywriting plan or the Golden Thread strategy for your sales page.

People buy products.

People are loyal to people.

People love brands that make them feel good.

People will do anything to feel like they belong.

Serving the person first is the biggest lesson in closing the sale.

With love,


Sandi Krakowski







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