November 2017

You Brain Can Change …. and it can change YOU!

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 Over the past year, I have been intensely studying neuroplasticity and our brain’s ability to change itself. Recently, I watched a documentary called The Brain that Changed Itself on Amazon Prime. It’s a book too, so whether you watch it or read it, I highly recommend it. I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of what I learned with you while studying neuroplasticity and watching this film. The documentary shared a scientific study where they had one group of people learn to play the piano for five days, while they had a second group of people simply think about playing the piano for five days. And the results were shocking.  The group who actually learned to play the piano went through all the motions. For five days, they moved their hands across [...]

Three Morning Rituals

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Many of you have heard, I made my first million without any kind of business training. Really. No training, no mentor, nobody. But more important than that, it is crucial for you to understand how broken I was. I wasn’t making decisions with millions in mind; I was in survival mode, and a big part of my survival was my spirituality. That is why I am reaching out to others now as I write a book about spirituality and business and why we can’t separate the two.I soon started to realize that some of my tools of survival – and business – were very different than what people were teaching in business schools. But those unconventional tools are absolutely what shaped my career as a prominent entrepreneur, and they are absolutely what pulled me [...]

Breaking All The Rules

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Those of us who are called to do big things in the world are going to have to break the rules. You are designed to break the rules. You are designed to go against the flow. You are designed to deviate and come apart from that which is the norm. And the world needs you to do so. The world needs you to do so.Now, here's the thing. A lot of business owners and their ability to break rules got them in trouble at first. Their ability to think outside the box may have even gotten them punished when they were young or when they were just starting out in the business world. But it just takes one setback, one stumble, one slap on the wrist for thinking big that makes people start thinking [...]

WHY I Love Day Trading And What My Skill For Facebook Ads Taught Me In This Market

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A few months ago I started playing around with some day trading. Now before you get all nervous about that term, "playing around', the reason I was able to just jump in is I realized from my Kolbe score and my experience that what I do so uniquely (and out of the box I might add) with Facebook Ads is EXACTLY what would make it super easy for me to make some money in stocks.I started with a small deposit of only a few thousand dollars, which ironically is what most people will invest into any viable business. In just a few days I was making $500 per day, and it was so easy I wondered if something was broken.As is often the case, I found out the hard way that you cannot sell [...]