November 2016

She’s In Her 60’s And Made 6-Figures Without ANY Prior Experience!

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Overcome Poverty Mindset And Understanding The Difference Between Wealth And Fantasies

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I just did a video on my Facebook page that had some people shouting, "AMEN! OH MY GOSH this is exactly what I needed to hear today!" and other's were shouting, "What on earth? Is that true?"Twenty five years ago I was a single mommy living on $5,000 per year. I did not get an inheritance, a gift, a handout and a rich person didn't give me some of their money to help me build my very first multi-million dollar business. But the things I did to better myself, become a millionaire, be who I am today are NOT popular. They're rarely taught in churches, you definitely won't find this information in schools and believe you me, it's not socially acceptable in some areas of the world.Will you let me teach you today the [...]

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