February 2017

January 2017

WHY Your Business Is Failing And You Are Broke!

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 Hey!Most business trainers will constantly focus on what they can do for you, what you can accomplish and how to get there.  HOWEVER, the bottom line is- if you've never gotten there before and everything you've applied is still leaving you lacking, and nothing is working than someone will need to walk you through what makes you BROKE (lacking money, impoverished and struggling financially in business) and why your business isn't prospering. I want to be that person!If you don't have highly targeted clients on your email list and your social media following AND on your blog, every single day..... you're going to be broke and your business will fail. Unless of course you've got somebody giving you a big endorsement or a TV spot, but most of you don't have that! Neither do I! So what we [...]

December 2016

Supernatural business, prophetic vortexes and God at work! Don’t chase fantasies!

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I did a video last week that has gone VIRAL on Facebook. Which is somewhat surprising to me, as it's 100% NOT politically correct. But it does include strategies, methods and keys to success that I guarantee you most mentors are NOT talking about.Listen, if you're hustling, working hard and depending on yourself alone to build your business, I wish you good luck! There's plenty of mentors out there who will support you, help you to idolize all that you alone have done and they'll be sure to help you stand alone in all your success. HOWEVER.... if you want more. You're sick of striving, pressing and pushing forward only to lose things that are important in life, I have a word of encouragement for you, today.Supernatural business and prophetic vortexes are real. For [...]