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Dissecting Of A Hugely Successful Email Campaign

  Dissecting Of A Hugely Successful Email Campaign   As we look through this email pay very close attention to why it works and what caused not only a huge increase in sales because of it's success, but also a deeper connection with my customers because it was very sincere and genuine.  In the email you'll notice the feeling of connection between leader and client, between coach and student. It's not a correcting email, making people feel bad and telling them to step up, but a heart felt sincere email that shares with transparency and vulnerability that we're really very similar.  I share that we all get off track and we all lose focus.  This isn't the posture of one who has arrived and others should all follow, but rather, the relating of one individual to the other [...]

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Never Outsource Your Voice!

Never Outsource Your Voice! By: Sandi Krakowski "Hi, I'm so and so and I'm the Editor and Publisher of So and So online business. It's great to talk to you today!" The screen had text across it on a flash video. There were no faces, just words. Not too uncommon in this age of video marketing.... but that voice. "What?!" that was my first thought. Having been a subscriber of this so and so online publication for quite some time I was standing there shocked at what I was seeing. The voice was not the person it was claiming to be. As a matter of fact that voice was used in more than a half a dozen places through another company I had been very familiar with. Puzzled, I sat there trying to grasp [...]

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Make Money With Social Media The Quick, Easy & Fun Way!

  Make Money With Social Media The Quick, Easy & Fun Way! By: Sandi Krakowski Social media is a way to connect with people. People are your prospects, future clients and customers. When I began using social media in 2009 it never dawned on me that I should 'behave' a certain way. It simply meant it was a great way to communicate quickly with millions of people all over the world 24/7.  One of the things I absolutely LOVE about social media is that it never ever sleeps! When my son was hospitalized in 2010 during the month of December it was so comforting and encouraging to have friends and clients to connect with from all over the world at any time of the day or night. I love that! And I love people! [...]

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How To Build The Right Business- Follow Your Passion

How To Build The Right Business What if your business isn’t really your passion- then what? Every week PJ and I have the honor of leading clients in our "Your Best Business Coaching Program". These classes have been enormously beneficial to our students. Results pour in everyday! Charlotte closed 67 coaching clients in her first product launch! Angela has become the top recruiter in her company for the third month in a row! Gina has more public relations opportunities opening up than ever before! Peggy has her own TV show   Steve made it to 6-Figures! Tiffany paid cash for a car! Jimmy increased his income 78%   Melissa added 890 people to her Facebook page and made $ 3400 profit!   Kayla had a $4500 month on just 12 hours per week! ....... [...]

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