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Social Media Strategies For Beginners

Social Media Strategies For Beginners I've built businesses using nearly every marketing strategy and technique known to man. So when a new business owner asks me what the best platform is for growing a business, or they want to know the biggest tip I'd give a beginner, I always emphasize this one fact: If you're not marketing, you are not in business. Sadly, there are a lot of baloney schemes out there that make it look like you can build a business without spending any money and without marketing. That is such a lie. If you were on the television shows Shark Tank or The Profit and asked these multi-billion dollar experts what you could do for free to grow your buisness they'd ask you to leave their show. Growing a business for free doesn't happen. [...]

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How’s YOUR Facebook Page Doing? SIMPLE Free Process To Finding Your Engagement Score

  Find YOUR Engagement Score! Are people sharing your content? Here's how you can tell!  Do you know how to find the engagement score on your page in seconds? There's a simple tool that all Facebook pages have available to them instantly that can show you how your page is doing. Even more than that, you can watch other pages in your niche, compare yourself to some of the top pages on Facebook and you can EVEN check how your page is doing on a weekly basis overall! The "Watch Pages" tool that Facebook has built into their Insights system is really fun! Here's how you'll find it: Go to Insights on your Facebook page Scroll all the way to the bottom Wait until all of the data loads and you'll see WATCH PAGES. Then you [...]

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Facebook Taking Likes Away On Your Page?! Watch this video NOW!

  BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Facebook Taking Likes Away On Your Page?! Did you see the recent announcement by Facebook that they are removing deactivated accounts from business and brand pages? Have you had a lot of likes removed? We have 1 million people on our business page and we recently lost 23,000 people. This is a 2.3% drop. Watch this video where I share what this means for our business AND yours! Facebook Taking Likes Away On Your Page?!  Share with your friends who are in business.  

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How To Use Facebook Groups For A Paid Mentorship

How To Use Facebook Groups For A Paid Mentorship During the last 6 years my company, A Real Change International, has run several paid mentorship groups on Facebook. It has been easy to use, offers 100% deliverability to our members and it's free! There are a few things you must have in place to make it work well for everyone. Just because it's super easy to use doesn't mean it will be easy to manage. After having more than 30,000 people go through our groups in the last few years, we've come up with our best practices and policies for successful group management. If you're running a paid group, this can help you to keep everyone on track, prevent you from getting into a situation of 24/7 moderation and prove to be very successful [...]

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