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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

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Kiss Cold Calling and Phone Prospecting Goodbye And Use Social Media To Close More Sales

By: Sandi Krakowski

Have you noticed a shift in how people communicate?

No one wants to talk on the phone anymore!

Even when it's a friend or family member calling, talking on the phone all day is no longer desirable!

Most people do not want to answer the phone when someone they know calls. They'd rather talk to them online through social media, email or texting. So how can someone who is trying to build a business use the phone to do so? Or would a better question be, do you have to use the phone like we used to in years past to grow your company?

We can't do cold calling and phone prospecting like we used to be able to do it. As someone who has personally dialed more than 30,000 leads myself in my years of phone prospecting, it is my belief that we either have to step up- or step out, when it comes to using the phone to build our business. (Yes! I have phone logs and lead lists to prove I DID that many phone calls! Wild huh?)

If people don't want to answer the phone when a friend calls what makes anyone think they'd want to talk to a complete stranger?

Currently, A Real Change International has a client base of over 1.5 MILLION customers. News flash! We don't have phones ringing non-stop, we don't have a call center and we don't have employees falling like flies because they are worn out with whining customers. Most of our clients speak to my team of staff through either email or social media. Answers are fast and easy – everyone is happy. This is the new way to do business. Our customers tell us all the time they love it!

When you build a company, one of the biggest keys to success is staying relevant to where customers are currently. If customers don't want to talk on the phone, it's our responsibility as business owners to put up systems so that they can contact us in a way that they feel most comfortable. It's obvious that social media is where people want to communicate in the year 2014. 

Having someone active at all times through email and social media gives our clients a high level of security and trust when doing business with us. Here at ARC, we do have a phone line where someone can be reached during normal business hours. But most of our clients reach out to us through email and social media, as their preferred means of communication.

This same method can be in place if you are running a business that requires a lot of phone prospecting or calling. One of the best ways to get through to a gate keeper is to build a relationship with them online! By doing some initial connection with a client's assistant or secretary through Facebook, Twitter or email, you'll not only be welcomed when you call by phone, but you'll be invited! 

Social media and email are great ways to 'warm up' a lead or to even do your sifting. When I was prospecting years ago for a direct sales company, I would send out initial emails that asked all the right questions to get my clients to reply back to me. These are some of the same things we do today with every person who joins our email list and the results are amazing!

Rather than having hotel meetings, many people online are now hosting tele-classes, info summits that are run virtually and even Skype Chat video parties!  In the same way social media and email have made it much more easy to connect with people and start a genuine conversation quickly.

Disconnect your phone a few hours per day and start making relationships with prospective clients through social media. This is how I was able to make a solid 7-figure income in my copywriting business, too!

Social media and email are how most people prefer to communicate. Go to where your client is, speak their ideal language and closing more sales will be easier than ever!

Come join me on Twitter and let me know if you are already using social media to build your business! I'd love to hear how it's going for you! Connect with me here: 

Whatever you do, remember this- People love to talk to those who care and make them feel special. Social media is one of the best places to make that happen!

Sandi Krakowski

“Ask Me ANYTHING About Social Media Live Call With Sandi Krakowski”

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Sandi Krakowski Brand Specialiist

"Ask Me ANYTHING About Social Media Live Call With Sandi Krakowski"

At my GPS Virtual Summit last weekend we decided to have a LIVE call tomorrow night, Monday, November 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm ET for all attendees.

But when I got the final MP3's and the videos back to review, it became quickly obvious to me that we need to make this live call available for EVERYONE! The videos and MP3's will be given to all attendees who paid for them later this week, which is 4 WEEKS ahead of schedule! They are BluRay quality and will be an incredible addition to your library.
Tomorrow night, I'm taking YOUR questions about social media LIVE! From 7:00-8:00 pm ET.  I look forward to being with you! Invite your friends!  EVERYONE is invited!
Title: GPS Live Call
Time: Monday, November 4th at 7:00pm Eastern
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:
Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 700869#


With love,

Sandi Krakowski


Social Media Managers May SOON Be Out Of Business

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Social Media Managers May SOON Be Out Of Business

I've noticed recent articles showing up by some social media gurus and managers saying that job opportunities for social media managers is dwindling. What does this mean?  Does it mean that large corporatations are now hiring In-House people to manage their social media platforms?

Many of the social media 'managers' out there don't know what they're doing. Yes, I realize that is a very generalized radical statement. But the truth of the matter is this- they are marketing themselves and their brand AS IF they can manage your platform and increase your profits when many of these people are broke and do not know how to do marketing.

Sure, there are some who are really good at what they do. They can't keep up. They're constantly hiring. They're growing. That is what SHOULD be happening with this surge of mobile marketing. But then there's a group that is fading fast because they do not have a specialized skill that the companies of today demand.

It's great that so many people know how to schedule and post on Facebook. Awesome. It's even great that people can pull reports, schedule posts and do things on Twitter. Double awesome. But if you can't do MARKETING on social media and you don't have a track record with provable skill of being able to:

  1. Grow a big brand
  2. Create HIGH LEVEL connection and engagement on social media platforms
  3. Increase SALES that puts CASH in the bank

….then you're merely managing tools. That's a skill that is quickly going to be snuffed out.

Many of the social media managers out there can manage the tools but they're not adding MONEY MAKING skill to the clients they work with.

Here's my mission. Teach people how to manage social media well and also how to MARKET on social media.

Just because someone can do social media management doesn't mean they know anything about marketing. I'm raising up people who understand marketing and do it well. 

Many of the brands we're working with at our ARC Media division (where we serve corporate brands) do have In House people but they are looking for EXPERTS with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD on their own profiles to come in house, consult, train their team and do work for them. Someone with 1200 followers who can't even do anything beyond scheduling tweets, reading reports and answering people will be quickly out of business when standing next to someone who can do profitable MARKETING through social media.  Remember your focus- MARKETING & building culture. It's not easy but if you set yourself apart, you will last long AND make more money! 


Sandi Krakowski