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What Comes First? A Successful Blog OR A Best Selling Book?

  What Comes First? A Successful Blog OR A Best Selling Book?  People ask me all the time how to build their best online store or platform so that 'when' their book takes off and they have thousdands of new visitors to their website, what they build can support the enormous growth. Have you ever had the same question? Here's my answer. It won't happen. First of all there's no such thing as writing a hugely successful book that grows like crazy without having an online platform first and then all of a sudden your platform grows really big because the book took off. Very few (and I mean VERY few) books take off without a successful platform FIRST. The reason a book DOES take off and the reason it IS successful is because [...]

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Social Media Sucking Your Life Away? How To Overcome This Challenge!

Social Media Sucking Your Life Away? How To Overcome This Challenge! Do you ever feel like a crack addict on your smart phone browsing social media 24/7 looking for some 'better' news to keep you going?  Or have you ever felt like throwing your stupid phone into the river because it won't stop ringing? During the last four years as I've had the honor of working with our 2 million clients, some big nationwide brands, Entrepreneuer Magazine, Forbes, BeliefNet and more, something keeps coming up that I had to spill the beans about today. It's not a fun topic and it could make you quite uncomfortable. But my desire and my mission is to help create success for your company and to help you enjoy your customers, through social media. Today, in my latest column [...]

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Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics

Building Your Best Life While Ignoring Your Critics Several times per week through social media I will post something about learning to IGNORE your critics. Everytime I do, people start chiming in that they are so grateful I shed light onto this very difficult situation- HOW to answer a critic. Many thought they needed to give a well scripted and polished answer. Others thought they should try to win their support. Still others thought it's a great platform for debate! NONE of these are the answer.  When you are building your best life don't be shocked that there are people who will NOT want you to succeed. Yes, it's true. There are people who will see your life changing, your family growing stronger and you becoming happier but they will have NOTHING encouraging to say. As a matter [...]

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Creating Jobs And Impacting Others Through Business

​Creating Jobs And Impacting Others Through Business By: Sandi Krakowski I'd like to challenge you today to look beyond your own situation and circumstances and seriously consider what you could do to change the lives of people who need a job. What if you began to think beyond your own desires and began to create into your business plan a map and a strategy so you could give others a chance for wealth too? Let's go beyond vacations, bigger cars ....and let's look at a BIGGER reason for creating wealth- creating jobs. When you have the power to create wealth you are also given the power to create jobs. But it will demand that you get beyond your own limitations so that others can get beyond theirs. Imagine adding $ 5000 per month to [...]

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